Opinion: Britain in 2022 looks a lot like 1979

Both candidates, who are in the contest to replace Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservative Party and become prime minister of the UK by default, Hug the Iron Lady.
Former Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak each said that the woman they wanted to track down at 10 Downing Street was: liked Prescriptions to her or his country (who died in 2013, so knew that the earthly ways she could refute them were now unsafe).
on monday Truss was declared the winner. She will soon become leader of the Conservative Party, but will have to wait another day for her flight to shake hands with the Queen at the monarch’s summer residence in Balmoral, Scotland, before she can officially become Prime Minister. it won’t work.
In 2022, the country itself seems to have twisted into a shape that Thatcher could recognize. All supporting characters play their part: trade union leaders strain industrial relations, Russia sows discord, Soaring inflation To a degree not seen since the 1970s.

There is no denying that the new prime minister inherits a set of political circumstances from when Thatcher first took office in 1979.

Of the two candidates, Truss was closest to Thatcher.During her 12 months as secretary of foreign affairs, she flooded her media social much derided image she is imitated thatcher stylestriking a nearly identical pose with a striking fur hat and wearing her famous pussy-bow blouse.
This affinity with Britain’s first female prime minister, as well as second Theresa May, who always refused analysis as she prepared to be crowned third, compared the pair That means it’s not corny. “Lazy.”

And two questions naturally arise. After taking office, will Truss really try to introduce Thatcherism Part 2?

You may need some economics degrees and a crystal ball to solve the second question. But Truss’s background and career so far provide plenty of clues for a first stab.

Born in Oxford in July 1975 to a mathematics professor and a Thatcher-like nurse, Truss was an original thinker from an early age, but unlike her heroine, she did not pursue her parents’ politics. .

The senior Truths are both on the far left of the spectrum, and their mother, Priscilla, once took her to a protest march on Greenham Common in the English countryside, where Thatcher caused controversy, but her I gave my friend, President Ronald Reagan, permission to install America’s nuclear weapons.

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on the truss Said Her mother is likely to vote for her now, but she will struggle to win the support of her father, John.

On the knees of her father, a grocer and alderman, Thatcher learned the value of frugality, self-sufficiency, and living within means. Trusses now appreciate such attributes on more circuitous routes.

Having studied philosophy, politics, and economics at Thatcher’s alma mater, Oxford (Thatcher earned a degree in more practical chemistry), Truss was president of the university’s Liberal Democratic Club.

In the mid-1990s, Truss was supporting policies that would have daunted Thatcher. cannabis legalization and abolish the monarchy.

But shortly after graduating, Truss, who worked as an accountant for oil giant Shell, turned right and met her husband, Hugh O’Leary, at a Conservative party conference. The couple had two daughters.

Truss entered Congress a few years later, shortly after a highly un-Thatcherist scandal: A fling with a Conservative MP led her local Conservative Association to consider excluding her For the reason that she did not evaluate the relationship during the selection. (She later apologized I contacted the association of the incident, saying that it was a “mistake” and “water got under the bridge”).

Her career and marriage survived and she steadily rose through the ranks.

Like Thatcher, Truss realized that it would be prudent to support Britain’s EU membership until the situation changed, but she did not. Both campaigned on the Remain side of the referendum, Thatcher in 1975 When 2016 trussonly appearing as ardent eurofobs.
Unlike Thatcher, Truss was not a leader in the turn to euroskepticism, and was taking action long after his peers such as Boris Johnson and former Conservative leader candidate Michael Gove took the leap, but perhaps as well. It was a journey of Felt It was no longer appropriate for modern Britain.
In Johnson’s cabinet and later as a candidate for leadership, Truss frowned on her. tax cut — Help the public keep more of their money and trust them to know what is best done with it.

After that kind of thing went out of fashion, she became an ideologist – a politician of conviction when all around became pragmatists.

But perhaps most striking is not the similarity between Truss and Thatcher’s views, but the drugs they believe a sick Britain must swallow to cure its finances (and whether patients recover quickly. time will tell). It is their determination to hold onto those views.

It is clear that Truss could and did change her mind. But like Thatcher, she does it on her own terms. emergency living expenses Fueled by the energy crisis.
Like Thatcher’s ghosts from his past, this woman is also revealed Not for turning.

Source: www.cnn.com

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