Here’s What Happened to Schools After Previous Massacres

“I couldn’t ask my kid to come back, I couldn’t ask my teacher to go back to that school,” McLaughlin said.

According to Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez, demolishing schools after a mass shooting has become common enough that federal grant procedures are available.

It’s depressing that such a process even exists, Gutierrez told KSAT-TV May.

“What kind of world do we live in and were laws made to destroy these schools?” he said.

Other schools have also taken the route of demolishing buildings after major tragedies.

“Often these schools are closed or completely renovated in an attempt to reduce traumatic memories for members of the community,” he said. violence prevention center at the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital.

It is unclear when Robb Elementary School will be demolished, replaced with another school, or a memorial or other buildings will be built.

Meanwhile, survivors of the attack attend classes at other schools in the district.

The mayor Hal Harrell made plans to make schools safer.
However, some families are still apprehensive about returning and are transferring to other districts or taking classes online. enrolled in virtual education. According to KSAT-TV.

See what happened to the other schools after the horrific attack.

Sandy Hook Elementary School

Attack date: December 14, 2012

position: Newtown, Connecticut

Number of victims killed: 26 (including 20 children aged 6 and 7 and 6 adults)

What Happened to School: Entire schools were destroyed and rebuilt.

Sandy Hook students three weeks after the gruesome attack I went to the nearby city of Monroe I started attending classes at Chalk Hill Middle School. no longer used as a middle school.
Four years after the massacre, the newly rebuilt Sandy Hook Elementary School was opened to students. A 4th grader who was a kindergartener during the time of the carnage.

columbine high school

In 2019, police patrol outside Columbine High School just days before the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.

Attack date: April 20, 1999

position: Littleton, Colorado

Number of victims killed: 13 (including 12 students and 1 teacher)
What Happened to School: Columbine High School was closed for the rest of the school year.About 23,000 square feet of the school was damaged in the attack, officials said. 900-1,000 bullet and shrapnel holes in walls and ceilings.
Four months later, with the start of the new school year, most schools have reopened, except the library, where most of the carnage took place.this dismantled, Replaced by newly constructed school librarycalled the Hope Library.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Attack date: February 14, 2018

position: parkland, florida

Number of victims killed: 17 (14 students, 3 staff)
What Happened to School: Two weeks after the massacre, students returned to campus. However, building 12 of the school, where most of the victims were killed, Windows were covered and closed with emergency tape.
a new building It then replaced the temporary classrooms used by students after the massacre.

santa fe high school

Attack date: May 18, 2018

position: Santa Fe, Texas

Number of victims killed: Ten (Includes 8 students and 2 teachers)

What Happened to School: The students are back after 11 days of bloodshed.

nevertheless There were only two days left in the school yearsenior Kaitlyn Richards said she didn’t want her high school career to end in a massacre.

“I don’t know if I’ll be ready to go back to school,” she told CNN affiliate KTRK on the day schools reopened.

“But I don’t want that last day to be my last memory of fourth grade. I just want to know that I can see all my classmates again.”

CNN’s Jennifer Henderson contributed to this report.


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