Britain’s Tory race for leadership: When will Britain’s new prime minister be announced and what happens next?

At around 12:30pm local time (7:30am ET), the ruling Conservative Party will announce the results of the leadership election. They criticized each other’s plans.

Truss, a low-tax evangelist and leading figure on the UK Conservative right, voted for Brexit but took a softer tone on how Britain should deal with it. He is a strong contender to defeat Sunak, who is the Minister of Finance. with the EU.

The contest winner, as leader of the largest political party in the House of Commons, will take over as prime minister until the next general election, which must be held by December 2024.

Whoever emerges victorious is likely to go see him on Tuesday Queen Elizabeth II Receive an invitation to form a government. Receptions are usually held at Buckingham Palace, but the 96-year-old monarch was at his Scottish residence in Balmoral, for the first time in her reignshe will receive Johnson and his successor there.

But the next prime minister’s gala is likely to be short-lived as the cost of living crisis swirls around the country. Speaking on the BBC’s political show on Sunday, Truss declined to discuss his plans to tackle the rising bill, but said: “What I want to reassure people is that if I am elected Prime Minister within a week, I will act.” added.

Mr Truss is clearly the front-runner to get the most votes among the Conservative rank-and-file in the leadership election. She found Truss to be the preferred candidate for the vast majority of her party’s Brexiteers, even though in 2016 she voted to remain in the European Union.

Critics have accused her of adopting a hardline stance in a cynical attempt to win votes and playing politics with Brexit. pointed to the fact that he had evolved from an anti-monarchist who supported drug legalization at a young age to a right-wing embodiment of the Conservative Party. It has taken up a lot of red meat for Conservatives, until tax cuts as her main solution to the

Unlike Truss, Sunak voted to leave the EU in 2016 and has repeatedly promised to remove EU restrictions. He spent the early years of the campaign criticizing Truss’ tax cut plans, but followed her lead to some extent.

Snak won accolades for using government funds to help those who lost their jobs or were unable to operate their businesses early in the coronavirus pandemic. He was later fined for attending a party with Johnson during lockdown and came under scrutiny over his wife’s tax arrangements. Akshata Martythe daughter of an Indian billionaire.

hard road

Whatever the outcome, Sunak or Truss will take over a Conservative government facing multiple crises after 12 years in power. Adding to the cost-of-living crisis, the incoming prime minister faces a crumbling public service and a looming winter of strikes while arguing that the Conservative Party deserves to win a historic fifth term in the next general election. you have to deal with it.

Inflation topped 10% in July for the first time in 40 years, largely due to soaring energy, food and fuel prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Inflation will surge to 13% by the end of the year, according to the Bank of England. The central bank also predicted that the UK would enter recession by the end of the year.

As far as this affects leadership contests, analysts don’t think either candidate’s policies will help. The Fiscal Research Association, an independent research group, said last month that party leaders pledging to cut taxes and cut government spending “need to recognize that public finances are subject to even greater uncertainty than usual.” said.

Looming over the new government will be a long shadow of Johnson resigning as a highly unpopular prime minister who made a mistake that caused the Conservative Party’s approval ratings to plummet.

'Starve or freeze': Millions of older British people fear tough choices as costs skyrocket this winter

Johnson was forced to resign on July 7 after a string of scandals made his position untenable. His announcement was held in Downing Street while the country was under Covid lockdown restrictions. Johnson himself was fined by police, making him the first prime minister in history to be caught breaking the law while in office.

But he survived the so-called “partygate” scandal for months, when the deputy chief of staff was accused of sexually assaulting two men at a party, and it was only when Johnson delayed action that he found himself. party finally opposed him.

It is unclear whether Johnson will remain in politics. He may be forced to step down as a member of Congress after a House committee investigates the Partygate scandal and delivers a verdict on whether Johnson knowingly deceived Congress. Downing Street claimed no rules were broken.

Regardless, Johnson will undoubtedly continue to be a high-profile figure. There’s a good chance he’ll return to a media career as a columnist and broadcaster, but the damage to his reputation at the office will likely cost Downing Street more than a year to go. It may mean that his charm is limited compared to before he entered.

And his legacy will be hard to distance for both Truss and Snack. Truss is widely seen as Johnson’s continuation candidate, and Sunak served as finance minister during the pandemic, even though he resigned from Johnson’s cabinet and caused the prime minister’s downfall, and was closely associated with Johnson’s prime minister. doing.


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