What Are The Main Escape Room Roles?

Escape Room

In an escape room, there is no right way to play since everyone has their own unique strategy. Some players take charge and yell out instructions, while the others choose to stay out of the way so they can concentrate on the challenges at hand. Finding a core group of players with complementary skills is essential for a successful escape room team. Not only is it more likely that a team with a wide range of skill sets will be able to solve puzzles, but it will also have a great deal more fun doing so.

What if, though, you wish to play escape rooms near me? Or wanna play it with a group of pals or a team of new players who don’t yet have their own playstyle? It’s best to begin by giving each player a playstyle that fits their individual personality.

How About a Quick Rundown Of The Primary Functions?

These positions are essential for any escape room team.


Some things will be concealed in every escape room. Seekers investigate scenarios in search of clues and objects. Because hints aren’t always blatantly clear, it’s important to pick someone who can spot the smallest deviations. One of the most crucial roles in an escape room is that of a competent seeker. They expedite the process of laying out all of the jigsaw pieces so that your team can get to work on them more quickly.

The Philosopher 

After locating the pieces, the next step is to put them together. The logical mind of a thinker lets them see connections between ideas that other people miss.Someone with a knack for seeing patterns when there are none is ideal for your thinker role.I need to know how a creative mind can contribute to my team’s success.  Some puzzles require original thought to solve, but most focus on patterns and relationships. To move on to the next challenge, your team needs a thinker who can quickly draw connections between issues and solutions.

The Adept 

The majority of roles in escape rooms do not necessitate any specific expertise. The expert, though, does know some niche information gleaned from various sources. If someone in your family is always dropping interesting tidbits of information into conversations, they might be a natural expert. Challenges in the escape room can be solved more easily by those who have experience doing it.

The Boss / Manager

The leader keeps everyone on the same page and makes sure everyone is contributing to the overall goal of escape.Members of the family who naturally take charge and know how to delegate tasks well make great managers. What is the  role of a manager in my team. Most teams benefit from having a guide or leader. A manager is essential for keeping everything on track.

Can I play other parts?

  • The meat and potatoes were Being in a room with intense physical activity requires someone of exceptional strength. 
  • One does the moving thing in escape rooms. Get in touch with someone who can rapidly page through books, unlock many drawers, or sort through keys. 
  • This person plays the part of the actor. Having someone on your team who is well-versed in the topic’s nuances will be a great asset when making choices. 

How Do Different Roles in an Escape Room Help the Team Win? 

Even you can easily play escape rooms with your kids. Wondering how? Find kids escape room near me and get a wide range of options available. Making the most of your escape room experience is as easy as assigning specific responsibilities to members of your team. Setting up responsibilities before you arrive is a simple way to streamline your escape plan.

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