Online Girl Games Are Getting Popular

Games for women? Do girls and games even go hand in hand? For a long time, the game like afk arena tier list  was dominated only by the male sex and also practiced excessively. For some time now, the target group has expanded beyond outdated clichés. In recent years, female players have been on the rise and have offered men and boys real competition. This is why most online, video and mobile games are now also women’s and men’s games at the same time.

According to statistics from 2016, 47% of the gaming population in Germany is made up of women. And they certainly don’t plant all the flowers on their farm or groom their pretty horses. No, in the meantime, they go very strong and are not afraid to defeat their opponents with punches and armed force. In this article, you will find the top 10 games for women and girls. Online games, applications or story games in which girls and women gradually gain the upper hand.

The most played games for women and girls

The fact that women and men, or girls and boys, are very different is nothing new. But the days of pink tutu and women’s bows are long gone. Girls and women today generally support their “husbands” independently, are more independent than ever, and no longer fit the pattern of perhaps 50 years ago. As a result, interests have naturally changed over the years. Women in the male world have long shown their teeth, and not just at work, but they also like to leave men shaking when they play. That’s why we’ve collected the best games for women and girls here, from apps to video games that even women can’t escape.

It’s not necessarily men’s favorite shooters that inspire girls and women the most, although in recent years more and more female gamers have become enthusiastically involved. We have listed the most popular PC, mobile and console games for women and girls for you:

Sims is a simulation game that ranks as the best-selling video game series of all time. Life is reconstructed in a virtual world. You create your own character and create your own little fantasy world. There are almost no limits. Build houses, design your living spaces and the garden, dress up with the best clothes and accessories, find a partner and start a family, just fix every little detail.

What pants do you want today? Black or do I prefer to play pretty in pink? Do you wear a stiletto or do you prefer sneakers? Do I wear my hair down or do I have to tie a ponytail? Reconcile? Yes or no!? There is a lot to discover and try, there are new decisions to be made every day. Just create your own ideal little world. And if some things seem unreachable in real life, with The Sims, you sure can. Here, you escape reality and immerse yourself in a storyline that you can design just the way you like best.

Grand Theft Auto, better known as GTA, was initially more popular with the male gaming scene. Cool cars and motorcycles, weapons, mini games, lots of exciting features and lots of visuals. Many exciting missions and side games, which have been added in recent years through several expansions, ensure varied and action-packed fun. Is it surprising that there are now so many women in the world of GTA? The GTA series is so exciting that there are rumors that a new version – namely GTA 6 – is planned.

But we can’t be too early to expect it, as Rockstar Games has so far completely refrained from making such announcements. A GTA 6 release date has yet to be set and it will likely be some time before new game content is available in a revised version. That’s not particularly bad, as GTA 5 is also selling well and will release first on PS5 and XBox Series X.

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