Seven Cozy and Blissful Ideas For A Calm Wedding Morning

Wedding Morning

In this article, we’ll be stepping aside from our wedding collection in Dubai discussions for a brief moment. Life is becoming cozier and more intimate as the Danish hygge trend spreads across fashion and interior design. These lifestyle trends may definitely be applied to make your wedding morning the most relaxed and delightful start to any day, from wearing warmer clothing to spending quality time with loved ones.

Here are a few tips you can use for a cozy and blissful calm wedding morning 

Stay in bed for one more hour.

You’ve done the hardest part, you’ve run up and down trying tons of eco-friendly wedding dresses and now that the day is here for you to take your vows, you deserve extra sleep. You may wake up early because you are eager for the day, but staying in bed for an additional hour or so will provide you with the additional beauty sleep you need for your wedding day.

Don’t set an early alarm and postpone your beauty appointments till after you get up. If there is anything that must be done at the crack of dawn, assign it to a fellow early bird or your hired help.

Stay Warm and Cozy

Make sure you pack lots of blankets, sweaters, cozy socks, and your favorite furry slippers if you get the shivers in the middle of the summer as I do. Winter weddings inspire so much hygge, but even summer weddings can have chilly beginnings.

Wear those adorable bridal kimonos with elegant cardigans, or even better, slip into a soft hotel robe and explore your bridal suite. When you can curl up by the fire, gazing at the flames can be so entrancing and soothing.

Take in Comforting and Warm Drinks

Make a couple of warm liquids when you get up to quiet your stomach and comfort your insides. In addition to coffee and tea, how about a hot toddy if you need “extra help” unwinding? Warm spices can soothe your senses, whisky can soothe your nerves, and lemon can cleanse your palate.

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Create a restful environment 

Using natural materials in your environment is a part of the hygge ideology. Decorate your suite creatively with the flowers if your floral arrangements come the day before to make the most of your particular bouquets.

Picking wildflowers for your hair is a relaxing way to spend time outdoors, even if it’s just the morning before.

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Write a gratitude list for your wedding day

By creating a few thank-you notes to deliver to significant others on your wedding day, you may remind yourself why this day is important. Any wedding day hiccups will be put into perspective if you reflect on your gratitude for the people you share this moment with.

Pick a Relaxed, Comfortable Bridal Hairstyle

After you’ve chosen your perfect European couture wedding dress, the next important subject becomes your hair. Avoid booking lengthy, early-morning beauty appointments, as we have advised. Ask your hairstylist to do their work in your bridal room or at the event location. Find the most stunning, serene location you can and set up your chair there.

Plan a hairdo that is quick to do (leaving you more time to enjoy the morning!) and that gets better as the light changes throughout the day. Romantic, unruly braids and buns require relatively little maintenance while you party and any pieces that fall out appear deliberate, so you don’t need to worry about how your hair will look in photos taken six hours later.

Consume comforting foods and treats.

Make sure to eat a lot the morning of your wedding (since you might forget for most of the day) and don’t be shy about indulging in sweet, cozy treats.

These fluffy, indulgent sticky lemon rolls are my favorite to top with poppy seeds. Lemon gives them a fresher, brighter, lighter flavor than richer cinnamon rolls. The house will be filled with the comforting yeasty aroma of freshly made rolls when the dough and buns are prepared the night before and just popped into the oven when you wake up.

Spend time with the people you love.

How frequently do you have so many loved ones in one location? Don’t isolate yourself from your significant other if they are the ones who can help you decompress the most. Instead, keep your friends and family close by to keep you calm and diverted from any stresses.

Plan a short trek, a leisurely swim, or a leisurely bike ride to spend time with your loved ones, and be sure you’ll stay warm the entire time. On the morning of our day, I intend to work up a sweat while horseback riding; those kinds of animals keep me in my center.

Extra Tip for the Busy Bride: 

Dubai wedding dress shops have a relaxing and calm ambiance that can help take the edge away especially if you decide to dress from the venue. The fact remains that this is your day and you decide how you would like it to go. 

As we conclude, if you’re curious about what dress to wear in Dubai, then we have good news. Visit Nurj Bridal for the latest, most elegant bridal wedding gowns you’ve ever set your eyes on. Remember, it’s easy to let your nerves get the best of you on your big day, but with these tips, you can also remain a healthy amount of calm and enjoy your long-awaited day. We wish you a Happy Marriage. 

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