Gavin Newsom Launches 2024 Campaign

July 4th Holiday, New Sam I posted an ad Attacked Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida and advertised his own rule in California.
“We encourage everyone living in Florida to participate in the fight, or to California, where we still believe in freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of hatred. , And the freedom to love ” Say in advertisingRun on Fox News on Monday.

This is a very wise move by Newsom, demonstrating continued uncertainty as to whether President Joe Biden will run again in 2024.

Let’s start with the strategy here.

This didn’t really hurt DeSantis, who, like Newsom, is so much favored to win the second season in November. How do you know? The ad purchase was just over $ 100,000, so it’s a small expense in a state as large as Florida. And the fact that it was done solely on Fox News speaks to Newsom’s true goal here.

What are those goals? Newsom knows that DeSantis is the hottest thing in the National Republican circle these days.from Donation To Early state votingIf DeSantis runs for president in 2024, it’s clear that he actually has a chance to beat Donald Trump in the Republican primary.

So what’s a better way to inform yourself nationally (and with a reputation as a fighter) than to make a (symbolic) swing to a big Republican on the block?

“He is running for president.” Newsom told DeSantis CNN last week.. “I care about people. I don’t like being treated less. I don’t like being told they’re worthless. I don’t like being used as a political pawn. This is just that. Not. He is, but he is a child of the poster. “
No matter what you think about it, the strategy worked. Newsom ad was displayed 3.3 million times on his Twitter feed And he drove a lot of media coverage on the weekends of the holidays.

It’s also worth considering what Gavin Newsom says about Biden.

While Biden claims to be running again (and get annoyed (When people question it), there are still questions in the Democratic circle about whether he really does it.

Newsom’s ads-and the resulting propaganda-will answer those questions and fuel them. Unless Newsom thinks he might face the Governor of Florida in November 2024, there is no way for Newsom to chase DeSantis, even if he buys a small TV ad. Considering that possibility). This means that there is no Biden in the race.

point: Newsom is not waiting to win his second term as governor to start the 2024 race. He wants to get off to a good start.


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