Tony Ornato met twice with the Commission on January 6th

Some of the topics that Ornato discussed with the Commission were that then President Donald Trump knew about the whereabouts of Vice President Mike Pence during the attack on the US Capitol, and that Trump had to calm the riots. Sources said there was more to be done. Leave the building.

Ornato’s answers to these questions and others have not been disclosed by the Commission. Details of some parts of the testimony were first reported by Politico.

A secret service official who spoke on condition of anonymity told CNN that Ornart had denied telling Hutchinson that the former president had seized the details of the president’s SUV or agent.

Officials said Secret Services had informed the Commission that both Ornart and Bobby Engel, who were agents in the car with Trump at the time of the incident, would be able to testify again under the oath. ..

A spokesperson for the Special Committee declined to comment on Ornato’s interview with the Panel.

Members of the Commission have expressed dissatisfaction with aspects of Ornart’s previous testimony, with some suggesting that Ornart is unreliable.

Florida Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat of the Commission, told NBC that Ornart had evaded the Commission on the case in question.

“Ornato, as Mr. Hutchinson said, had no clear memory of this time,” she said.

Illinois Republican and panel member Adam Kinzinger pointed out other former White House officials who alleged that Ornart lied about his interaction.

“There seems to be a big thread here … Tony Ornart likes to lie,” Kinzinger said. I have written On Twitter.


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