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Father: Cyril Garland, Founder of Advertising Agency

mother: Shirley (Howitz) Garland, Community Volunteer

marriage: Rin (Rosenman) Garland (1987-present)

child: Jessica, 1992; Rebecca, 1990

education: Harvard University, AB, 1974, graduated with honors.Harvard Law School, Ph.D. in Law, 1977, graduated with honors

Other facts

Garland oversaw the 1995 investigation Oklahoma City bombing Oversaw the indictment of Timothy McVeigh.He also led the investigation of 1996 Olympic bombing in Atlanta And Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski.

He worked in a shoe store, sold comic books, and paid for law school by teaching undergraduates.

He was a candidate for the Supreme Court twice before President Barack Obama Nominate him and finally Elena Kagan When Sonia Sotomayor.

Elementary school reading and math tutor.


1977-1978- Secretary of Henry Friendly Second Circuit Judge.

1978-1979- Secretary of Judge William J. Brennan of the United States Supreme Court.

1979-1981- Special Assistant to the Attorney General.

1981-1989- Joined the law firm Arnold & Porter as an associate and was promoted to a partner in 1985.

1989-1992- Assistant US Lawyer in the District of Columbia.

1992-1993- Return to Arnold & Porter as a partner.

1993-1994- Assistant Assistant Attorney, Criminal Department, Ministry of Justice.

1994-1997- Deputy Prosecutor General of the Principal Associate.

1997-2021 March- Appointed by President Bill Clinton, Garland appears in the US Court of Appeals at the DC Circuit. It took more than a year for Garland to be confirmed in the Senate. Parliamentarians were wondering if the court should fill the vacant seats.

2013- Become the Supreme Court Justice of the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit.

March 16, 2016- Obama nominates Garland to fill the deceased’s seat Judge Antonin Scalia In the Supreme Court. For several months, Senate Republicans refuse to hold confirmation hearings..

January 3, 2017- Garland’s nomination expires. He will return to the position of Supreme Court Justice of the US Court of Appeals at the DC Circuit.

February 13, 2020- Garland has resigned as Supreme Court Justice of the US Court of Appeals at the DC Circuit. Sri Srinivasan will take over as Chief Judge.

March 11, 2021- Garland was formally sworn in as the 86th Attorney General Vice President Kamala Harris.
July 1, 2021- Garland orders suspension of federal execution When high-ranking Justice Ministry officials consider controversial punishment policies and procedures.


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