It was a * very * good week for Ron DeSantis

The Republican Governor of Florida is a clear favorite for the second phase of November and continues to rise in the eyes of GOP voters towards the 2024 presidential election.

This week’s events did not slow down that momentum.

Start with the testimony of the bomb of former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson to the 1/6 Commission on Tuesday.

It can be argued whether Hutchinson’s testimony puts Trump at legal risk, but it is already clear that her remarks have hurt him in parts of the conservative world.

“Trump is shameful,” wrote the conservative Washington Examiner editorial board after Hutchinson’s testimony. “The Republicans have a much better option to lead the party in 2024. You shouldn’t think about anything else, let alone support him again.”

After a “brilliant” two-hour testimony from Hutchinson, former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney declaration“It’s a very, very bad day for Trump.”
Trump’s loss is definitely DeSantis’ profit. Post-Public Opinion Polls (both national and swingstate) show that the Governor of Florida is the only potential candidate running even close to Trump. (Recently New Hampshire poll DeSantis nailed at 39% to 37% for Trump. )

Much of DeSantis’ growing popularity is due to a type of hybrid trumpism. All the fight against the awakening is taking place without the former president distracting.

DeSantis spent most of last year on cultural wars with Disney, critical race theory, math textbooks, the LGBT community and more.

As part of that effort, he signed a law in April banning abortion after 15 weeks. Thursday, A Florida judge ruled that the law was unconstitutional..

At first glance, this may seem like bad news for DeSantis. But the image of the Governor of Florida fighting for his life in the face of uncontrollable justice is a story of his decision, and the recent Roe v. Wade case has brought Republicans to life nationwide. And it’s an obvious winner for him. Judgment.

“The Florida Constitution does not include or does not include the right to kill an innocent fetus, so we reject this interpretation,” DeSantis’ office said in a post-judgment statement Thursday. .. “We have appealed today’s ruling and urged the Florida Supreme Court to overturn existing Florida rights on privacy rights. The struggle for life is not over.”

point: DeSantis has emerged as a legitimate candidate for a Republican nomination. This is a noteworthy statement, even if Trump decides to run for the third time in 2024.


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