Police say 10 people were injured and four were in danger after shooting in downtown Charleston on Monday.

Luther Reynolds, chief of police at Charleston, said at a news conference that the four had been hospitalized in crisis.

Police officers were also injured in the debris, and two deputy sheriffs were attacked after responding to the scene, he said.

According to Reynolds, one was arrested for chaotic behavior and the other was arrested Tuesday morning.

“I’m lucky that there are no dead police officers or dead citizens,” Reynolds said.

Police responded to a noise complaint at 41 South Street, a vacant lot, late Monday night, according to the chief.

“There were a lot of people and there was a noisy party we called for,” Reynolds said. According to police, more than 100 people participated in the event.

“Soon, the policeman fired. Two ammunition entered his cruiser,” the chief said. According to Reynolds, police officers were treated in hospital and released from shrapnel injuries.

According to police, several police officers responded to the scene and several cars were shot.

Reynolds said the responding sheriff’s deputy was assaulted and “injured in the melee attack,” and then released from the hospital and “will be okay.”

According to Reynolds, crime scenes have more than 100 evidence markers that span “many blocks,” more than half of which are shell casings.

Investigators are working on-site and “will continue to work until they are arrested,” the chief said. “And we usually arrest, and I want to arrest with this. I want accountability.”

Source: www.cnn.com

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