“Just horrible”: The community in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was shocked after a deadly shot of a local child during a vacation – Boston news, weather and sports.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire (WHDH)-Community members and officials said they were frightened after a child in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was shot dead during a family vacation in South Carolina over the weekend.

An eight-year-old boy, a third-year student at Little Harbor Elementary School, was shot dead Saturday afternoon when a man randomly began shooting a car driving at his home in South Carolina, officials said. Charles Montgomery Allen, 40, was arrested and faced many charges in the shooting.

“That’s just scary … I can’t imagine, I literally have no words,” said Emily Weidermen, a parent whose child attends a school in Little Harbor.

“I don’t know if there are any words to explain this meaningless act,” said Deaglan McEachn, Mayor of Portsmouth. “We will keep this memory, be as strong as possible for them, and be here for the rest of our lives.”

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Source: whdh.com

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