MCBs: Its Types And Choosing Tips

Miniature circuit breakers open the circuit automatically when the current reaches a certain value. You can turn this Eshop’s mcb on and off like any other switch. The DC rating of these devices is 220 volts, and the AC rating, which includes various short-circuit current abilities, is 240/415 volts. To protect your home, you also need a rccb circuit breaker. Local control switches, overload protectors for individual appliances or equipment, and error-proof isolation switches are just a few of the many uses for MCBs. Let’s know more about MCBs. 

Different MCB Styles Defined by Pole Count 

Below, we’ll go over the various types of MCBs according to their number of poles. 

  • Single Pole MCB 

With a single-pole mcb, you can protect and switch off just one circuit phase. The primary application for these circuit breakers is in circuits with low voltages. You can manage individual electrical lines, lighting systems, or outlets with the help of these circuit breakers. 

  • Double Pole MCB 

Main switches and other consumer control unit panels typically use a double-pole MCB. This circuit breaker distributes electricity from the energy meter to various parts of the house. You can use this modular mcb to switch between phases and protect the neutral. 

  • Triple Pole MCB 

You can only use a triple pole MCB (TP MCB) to protect and switch the three phases of a circuit; it won’t affect the neutral. A rccb circuit breaker is also necessary for electrical safety.

  • Four Pole MCB 

In addition to the neutral pole’s protective release, which is present in both the phase and neutral poles of a four-pole MCB, this type of MCB resembles a TPN. Hence, this MCB type is required in circuits where a high neutral current flow is possible. 

How to Choose the Right MCB? 

The following are the most important considerations when choosing a moduler mcb

  • Verify that the short-circuit breaking capacity is at least equal to the line capacity before making a selection. 
  • At the end of the short-circuit current, the current setting of the MCB should be less than 80%. 
  • A circuit breaker can interrupt currents up to their breaking capacity before they release or destroy an arc. The units of measurement for these are elementary amperes (kA). 
  • Inside the MCB housing, the number of trippable switches or poles. 
  • Without tripping, the CB can withstand currents up to its rated value. Therefore, the rated current of miniature circuit breakers ranges from 0.5A to 125A. After settling on the total circuit current, the next step is to select the appropriate modular mcb
  • Tripping characteristics determine the current-tripping time relationship. We distinguish tripping points by their proximity. Choose the tripping class that corresponds to the loads that need protection. You can also check the RCCB.


The primary function of an Eshop‘s mcb is to automatically cut power to a circuit whenever it senses a change. This circuit breaker quickly detects the excessive current when a short circuit occurs. To know more, please visit this website.

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