Classic, Trendy and Casual: Top 4 Shirts for Men to Rock This Season

Shirts for men are not just an everyday staple but a chance to shine bright wherever they go. Picking the right shirt for different occasions is an easy and difficult task at the same time. Whether to go for solid colours like white, Black, blue, or green or create a more appealing look with striped and checks. These shirts for men are your go to wardrobe staple. With now approaching summer upgrade your closet with JACK&JONES wide collection of shirts

Lets dive into the world of shirts and pick the top ones for you!

Short sleeve shirt:

Short-sleeved shirts for men are the perfect summer wardrobe staple. They can be paired with Jeans or classic solid-coloured trousers. You can style them untucked, with a jacket on top, or, for a more chill vibe, with shorts or chinos for a vacation.

Printed shirts:

Nobody can go wrong with a printed shirt. Many prints, like nature-inspired ones, like leaves or flowers, are the perfect pick for your Hawaii trip or your weekend part. Patterns, like stripes, checks, or polka dots, are also available that one can wear at work.

Oversized shirts:

Long hours and hot days make you feel uncomfortable for any affair. Worry no more with oversized shirts; perfect companion for your everyday look. Whether travelling to the beach or having those fun fridays these are your to go shirts for men. For a laid-back look go for white jeans with a pastel colour shirt like blue, pink or yellow shade and for a more stylish one wear a jacket on top of it and you are done!

Regular fit shirt:

Slim-fit shirts are great, but not everyone’s cup of tea. Regular-fit shirts for men are loose around the body and give you a more polished look, and they’re tailored to suit every body type.

If you wanna explore more varieties and colours of shirts and more other types of clothing head to JACK&JONES  and be your own master of style. 

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