5 Trending Tops For Women This Season

We all women have a Rachel from Friends of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City living inside us, and no matter how much we shop, it is never enough. As seasons fade, newer trends keep coming up, and we’re always on the lookout for a pretty designer top or a cool graphic tee that can transform our look.

Oh! The happiness of going on a shopping spree with our girlfriends and buying the trendiest women’s tops and clothing. If you’re on the hunt for the next dazzling and stylish tops, then here are the top five trending designs and styles that are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe from VERO MODA.

Bardot Stylish Off Shoulder Tops

Cold-shoulder tops have nothing on a hot Bardot off-shoulder top for women. This top, named after the French fashion icon Brigitte Bardot, looks as dazzling as ever. 

The Bardot off-shoulder tops have lately changed the fashion game entirely, and we don’t need any explanation to understand why. 

Flaunt your bare shoulders with these Bardot off-shoulder tops, and step out with your hair down to turn heads.  

Boxy Ladies’ Top 

The Boxed Ladies Top is an enhanced version of a crop top. Crop tops for women have always been loved and have been trending for a few years now. Besides, they can rock any casual wear simply with denim and a T-shirt. 

Pair them up with skinny denim for an easy-breezy look for the day. If you look for boxed crop tops online, you’ll also come across cool graphic or slogan tees, which are quite a statement maker, too. 

Corset Top

Corset tops are raging all over social media. If you’re a girl with a pear-shaped or hourglass-shaped body type, then this top will look even more beautiful. Corset tops can also be in lace tops and highlight your waist and upper body. 

They fit tightly below the chest and around the waist, flattering your body. To add to the oomph factor, you’ll even come across tops with balloon sleeves or bell sleeves top for a vintage vibe. 

Cinched-Waist Top

Similar to the corset top, this top has been around for a few years and is cinched at the waist, below the chest. Unlike the corset top, it doesn’t cover your entire core; more like a drawstring or a ribbon is used. 

You can style the cinch as a knot, lace it up, or even gather it to accentuate a curvy waist. 

Halter Neck Tops

The ever-so-radiant halter neck tops are a great option for party wear tops for women. They are tied up at the neckline and are generally backless. They look sensual and are widely worn by women of all ages, especially millennials.

Whether you wear it with ripped jeans or a high-waisted skirt, you’ll always shine on and make heads turn in your direction. 

Besides these five styles, there are also hordes of other western wear tops for women in trend. All of this and more, you’ll find at VERO MODA. Your one-stop-shop for women’s tops. Their wide range of tops will make you add one or two ladies’ tops to your shopping cart.

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