Best Ramadan Car Rental Deals And offers in Dubai 2024

As the holy month of Ramadan approaches, the city of gold, Dubai, offers a blend of style and tradition. Dubai offers one of the best ways for cultural experience both for residents as well as tourists. Therefore, navigating the city during Ramadan is challenging as well as exciting at the same time. For this purpose, having transportation is crucial for a seamless journey.  In this blog, we will explore some of the best Ramadan rental car Dubai deals for tourists. These deals are ideal for a memorable and comfortable journey during the Holy month. 

Understanding Ramadan in Dubai

Ramadan is a significant month for Muslims. In the UAE, the month brings a sense of cultural richness as well as spirituality. During this time, Dubai undergoes a transformation of amazing decorations. A lot of events take place and create a unique atmosphere. Hence, the tourists have great opportunities to admire traditional customs and delights with their friends and family.

Have your own convenient transportation

Dubai is a hub of multitude of attractions for all ages. Therefore having smooth and reliable transportation is important to explore the city offerings. These activities range from modern wonders to historic districts. Although public transportation is convenient, they may have adjusted schedules during Ramzan. To make your exploration comfortable and flexible, a car rental option is the best.

Car rental companies in Dubai offering Ramadan deals


Hertz is one of the globally recognised car rental agencies. The company has a strong presence in Dubai. You can look out for their special Ramadan packages. It includes complementary services and extended rental periods. Booking in advance through the official website can also allow you to get some additional savings.

Moosa rent a car

Moosa rent a car is famous for its diverse fleet of vehicles. Explore their official website for exclusive Ramadan promotions. You will get the discounted rates with value added services during the holy month. There is also an option to join their loyalty program to enjoy the additional discounts.


If you are looking for a budget friendly option without compromising on quality, then look for Thrifty rent a car. During the Ramadan, the company introduced promotions including unlimited mileage, free upgrades, and insurance packages. Look forward to their social media channels for the latest deals.

Tips to optimize your Ramadan car rental experience

Here are some of the significant tips to follow if you want to boost up your Ramadan car rental experience:

Book early

You must take advantage of early booking. A lot of current agencies offer early booking discounts. Therefore, check their rate list and secure the best available vehicle.

Explore the packages

You must look for the comprehensive packages offered by the car rental companies. These include insurance, extra services, complimentary fuel and many more. The main purpose of these packages is to make your experience hassle free.

Check for the restrictions

Always be conscious of any kind of restrictions or updates in traffic rules. During Ramadan, there might be changes in traffic patterns.

Explore the Ramadan car rental Deals And offers

Get the opportunity to enjoy daily, weekly or monthly car rental packages during the holy month of Ramadan. Enjoy the budget friendly rates and bookmark the prices to unlock special discounts throughout the year. If you have concerns regarding the cost associated with the car rental plan, the company deals without any commission. Keep in consideration that all the cars come directly from the car rental companies. Branch pick up to doorstep delivery is also available for a smooth experience. 

Select your ideal vehicle and enjoy reasonable car rental plans with just a single click. If you want to choose the vehicle in the fleet the options are unlimited. Luxury cars, economy cars, sports cars, vans, Sedan and SUVs are available for both self drive and chauffeur service. It helps you to make your journey VIP.

Explore the official website of a car rental agency and discover the list of discounted offers. The cars featured in the offers are from the latest models. Most of them have impressive features such as power doors, air bags, cruise control and many others. The agencies allow you to rent a car at the most competitive prices ensuring that you meet your expectations.


How can tourists find the best Ramadan deals in Dubai?

One of the best ways to explore Ramadan car rental deals is by checking the official website of the company. Get knowledge of the reliable and renowned car rental agencies in Dubai. You can also subscribe to the newsletter for updates. Moreover there are also other platforms that offer regular updates on deals and discounts.

Do Ramadan car rental deals come with additional parks?

Yes, of course Ramadan car rental deals have extra benefits for the tourist. These include unlimited mileage, free car updates and extra rental period. Some companies also offer complimentary fuel or other discounts on attractions. The purpose is to enhance the overall travel experience in Dubai.

Can I rent a car during Iftar or Suhoor time in Dubai?

Most of the car rental offices operate during the normal business hours. However, it is suggested to check with the specific agencies for Ramadan timing. Some companies may adjust their schedule. You can ask them to accommodate the timing according to your needs.

Can tourists extend their car rental period?

Yes, the car rental agencies in Dubai offer great flexibility during the holy month. For the tourists, it is allowed to extend their rental period if changes occur in the plan. However it is suggested to communicate with the company in advance.

Is there any restriction on renting a car for non Muslims during Ramadan?

No, there is no restriction to rent a car for non Muslims. The city still welcomes tourists from all around the world. The current services are also available for non Muslim during the Ramadan deals.

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