7 Easy Ways to Use Splitwise

Splitwise is a fantastic app that makes sharing expenses with friends, family, and roommates a breeze. Whether you’re splitting bills, planning a trip, or just going out for dinner, this handy tool streamlines the process and takes the headache out of dividing costs. Here are seven easy ways to make the most of Splitwise:

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  1. Create a group for shared expenses

One of the best ways to use Splitwise is by creating groups for specific purposes or events. This allows you to keep track of multiple expenses and shared activities under one category.

  1. Add recurring bills

Splitwise has a recurring bill feature that makes it simple to split monthly or weekly costs, such as rent or utility bills. Just enter the details once and let the app do the legwork from there.

  1. Scan receipts

Did you know you can scan receipts directly into Splitwise? By using your smartphone’s camera, you can capture an image of the receipt and add it to an existing expense. This is perfect for calculating totals on-the-go and avoiding misplaced paperwork.

  1. Use local currency conversion

If you’re traveling with friends or family, it can be daunting to navigate foreign currencies while keeping track of group expenses. Luckily, Splitwise supports multiple currencies and will automatically convert them based on current exchange rates.

  1. Keep track of personal loans

Sometimes splitting expenses isn’t as clean-cut as dividing a single cost. In cases where one person loans another money or buys something with the intention to be paid back later, Splitwise can help keep track of these personal IOUs.

  1. Analyze expense charts and graphs

By using Splitwise’s built-in analytics tools, you can visualize spending habits over time and gain insights into group spending patterns. This is particularly useful when assessing whether larger adjustments need to be made in your shared budget.

  1. Settle up with friends

When it’s time to balance the books, Splitwise makes it easy to “settle up” with friends. Simply enter a payment for the outstanding balance, and the app will record and update accordingly.

In conclusion, Splitwise is an enormously helpful tool when it comes to sharing expenses and managing your finances collaboratively. With features like group creation, auto-conversion for foreign currencies, and receipt scanning, this app simplifies the entire process and ensures everyone involved stays informed and up-to-date. So, why not give it a try? Download Splitwise today and experience the ease of stress-free expense sharing.

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