5 Best Dedicated Hosting Services: Buyer’s Guide

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Due to the trend of businesses transitioning to online platforms, a robust and reliable hosting solution has become increasingly important. Companies and individuals seeking a high-performance hosting solution with complete control over server resources should consider dedicated hosting.

Compared to shared hosting, it is more secure against cyberattacks and offers faster loading speeds. We will reveal everything you need to know about the best dedicated hosting providers for your website as a webmaster with years of experience managing several websites.

Top Dedicated Hosting Service Providers 2024


MilesWeb lies in the top of our research. They offer valuable dedicated hosting services with the network speed of up to 25 Gbps. Besides, users get a massive discount  up to 50% in dedicated hosting service plans. If you are looking for a dedicated environment with a powerful processors, MilesWeb offers Intel/AMD processors that makes websites and applications function at a blazing fast speed.

There are no surprise bills or hidden charges involved in MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans. Their low cost and transparent pricing model ensures your cheap  dedicated server costs stay low and your business scales for a maximum output. They make sure your website is always up and running so your business can be too. The uptime of our dedicated servers is guaranteed at 99.95%.

The company has its global data centers in prominent locations like US,UK and India. MilesWeb uses SSD NVMe storage

Cost:  dedicated server price plans starting at ₹3,495 per month.


With one of its Data Centres in India, YouStable provides Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated Server hosting.

LiteSpeed WebServer Technology for its potential users, with the latest SSD NVMe Storage Technology.

There are several attractive addons that YouStable offers to its clients, including Free Migration, Zero Cost SSLs for all your domains, 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee, 24/7 Consistent Customer Care Support, to name a few.

Cost: Plans starting at ₹4,999 per month.


For those users who require more resources for their websites, HostGator offers Dedicated Hosting Services, an exclusive allocation of CPU, RAM, and Storage allotted to them with full root access to their servers. They are one of the leading providers of secure and affordable web hosting services.

As well as offering 99.99& Guaranteed Uptime, Free Migration, and Free SSLs for all your domains, HostGator offers dedicated server hosting users the following features.

HostGator has designed four Windows dedicated servers plans for growing businesses. HostGator’s Indian office is located in Mangalore, Karnataka, and its servers are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hyderabad, Karnataka, India, and Singapore.

Cost: Plans starting at ₹9,269 per month.

A2 Hosting

With webservers providing 20x faster turboSpeed for websites, A2Hosting provides high performance dedicated server hosting. It is known for its TurboPlans, high-speed processors, and latest NVMe storage technologies.

Users with zero knowledge of server management can host a managed dedicated server with A2 hosting with cPanel, while those with experience can host an unmanaged dedicated server with Command Line Management options so that they can manage their servers on their own. A2Hosting has in-built Advanced SSoS Protection Software to protect your servers against malicious online attacks.

Cost: Plans starting at ₹12,944 per month.


In addition to Managed Dedicated Server Hosting, Bluehost offers Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting with SSD Dedicated Servers for enhanced storage, One-Click CMS Installations, and Postini, powered by Google, which ensures spam protection for users hosting their websites on dedicated servers.

BlueHost even has a Data Center in Mumbai (Economic Capital of India), ensuring uninterrupted hosting services for Indian websites with 24/7 Support Services and 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime. BlueHost allows you to manage all your dedicated servers from one place if you add one or more to your account.

Cost: Plans starting at ₹7,633 per month.


Dedicated hosting is crucial for online businesses having mission-critical websites and applications. As the name shows, in this type of web hosting services, the server space/resources are dedicated to single website owners. MilesWeb is the leading dedicated hosting service provider ensuring 99.95% uptime and high-grade processors.

They meet scalable requirements and ensure a minimal latency rate. If you have the resource-intensive websites and applications with the sensitive information, their plans are suitable for you.

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