5 Best Tile Suppliers in Lucknow

5 Best Tile Suppliers in Lucknow

In this article, we are going to discuss about 5 Best Tile Suppliers in Lucknow. Lucknow, is not only known for its rich history and cultural heritage but also for its rapidly evolving urban landscape. As more and more individuals in Lucknow are investing in home renovations and makeovers, the demand for quality construction materials, especially tiles, is on the rise.

The key factor while choosing tiles should be selecting the right supplier. While there might be numerous traders dealing in ceramic products in your area, here is a list of the most reliable and genuine suppliers, making your decision-making process smoother.

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5 Best Tile Suppliers in Lucknow

To help you navigate through the plethora of options available, we have compiled a list of the 5 best tile suppliers in Lucknow that cater to a variety of preferences and budgets.

1. K B Enterprises

K B Enterprises has been a staple in the industry for long decades. The enterprises boasts an extensive collection of tiles, ranging from classic ceramic tiles to trendy options. Whether you’re looking to revamp your bathroom, kitchen, or living room, K B Enterprises offers a diverse range of styles, colors, and sizes to suit your taste.

The staff at K B Enterprises is known for its friendly and knowledgeable approach. They guide customers through the selection process, helping them choose the most suitable tiles for their specific needs. The store also provides delivery services, making the entire buying process seamless and convenient for customers.

Address: 567/59, Anand Nagar Jail Road, Alambhag Lucknow

Mobile No.: 7007041831

2. M/s Jai Maa Trading Company

For those seeking a blend of contemporary design and quality craftsmanship, M/s Jai Maa Trading Company is a go-to destination in Lucknow. This supplier is renowned for its exclusive collection of designer tiles that add a touch of sophistication to any space. From sleek and minimalist designs to bold and vibrant patterns, M/s Jai Maa Trading Company caters to a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

Apart from the aesthetically pleasing designs, M/s Jai Maa Trading Company places a strong emphasis on durability. Their tiles are sourced from reputable manufacturers known for producing high-quality materials. The showroom is designed to inspire customers, allowing them to visualize how different tiles will look in various settings. Additionally, the staff at M/s Jai Maa Trading Company is well-versed in the latest trends and can provide valuable insights to customers during the selection process.

Address: Plot No 378 Village, Dhawan Deva Road Chinhat, Lucknow

Phone No.: 9129123290

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3. Nidhi Sales

If you’re in search of tiles that exude opulence and grandeur, Nidhi Sales is the place to be. This supplier specializes in premium tiles that cater to the discerning tastes of customers who appreciate luxury in every detail. From intricate patterns to fine detailing, Nidhi Sales offers an array of options that can transform your home into a regal abode.

In addition to their exquisite collection, Nidhi Sales is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction. The showroom provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for customers to explore their options. The staff is trained to offer personalized assistance, ensuring that customers find the perfect tiles for their unique requirements. Nidhi Sales also offers installation services, ensuring a seamless transition from selection to implementation.

Address: Khasra No. 421 Village Rampur, Deorai Bakshi ka Talab Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, 226201

Mobile No.: 7007911595, 7007316706


4. Maa Enterprises

Maa Enterprises caters to the diverse needs of homeowners by offering an extensive range of tiles that strike a balance between quality and affordability. This supplier understands the importance of budget considerations and strives to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on style and durability.

Maa Enterprises prides itself on its transparent pricing and a vast inventory of budget-friendly options. The store is organized in a way that makes it easy for customers to navigate and compare different tiles. The knowledgeable staff at Maa Enterprises is always ready to assist customers in finding the best tiles that align with their budget constraints and aesthetic preferences.

Address: Shop No 5 Plot No 28, 21/22 Near lim, Chandan Nagar, Mubarkpur Chauraha Lucknow

Mobile No.: 775507100

5. S.A.R Distributors

For those who appreciate a blend of tradition and modernity, S.A.R Distributors offers a curated collection that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Lucknow. The store showcases tiles that draw inspiration from traditional motifs and craftsmanship, giving homeowners an opportunity to incorporate a touch of nostalgia into their contemporary spaces.

S.A.R Distributors stands out for its commitment to promoting local artisans and traditional craftsmanship. The tiles on display are often handcrafted, adding a unique and authentic touch to each piece. The store’s ambiance is designed to provide customers with a cultural experience as they explore the diverse range of tiles. S.A.R Distributors also offers customization options for customers looking to create bespoke designs that reflect their individual style.

Address: 563,564 Hind Nagar, Kanpur Road, Lucknow

Mobile No.: 7388887993


Embarking on a home renovation journey can be a thrilling yet challenging endeavor, and choosing the right tile supplier is a crucial step in the process. The 5 best tile suppliers in Lucknow mentioned above cater to a spectrum of preferences, from classic to contemporary and budget-friendly to luxurious. They aren’t just known; they are the most reputable in the industry, with a long-standing presence, excellent after-sales support, and a diverse price range. Most of them stock tiles from manufacturers like Ceramax Granito Limited, known for quality and serving as an OEM supplier to major brands like Kajaria, Somany, Agl, Johnson, and more. So, take your time exploring the showrooms, consult with knowledgeable staff, and transform your living spaces into a haven of style and comfort. So, Now I hope you have understood about 5 Best Tile Suppliers in Lucknow.

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