Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Europe

Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Europe

Students flying to foreign countries are going there with great expectations of making money through part-time jobs while completing their education. Those who are planning to complete their education in Europe should be aware of the educational possibilities. Besides, it is also recommended to note the locations that provide part-time jobs that suit your student lifestyle. Study abroad consultants in Ernakulam like Campus World also help students with part-time job arrangements across several European countries, along with a seat at well-known universities and institutions.

Never getting blinded by all the beauty and fantasy that you see online is important when choosing the perfect location abroad for education. When choosing a country that offers part-time job opportunities for students, one should consider the availability of jobs, average pay, job quality, and language requirements of all student-friendly jobs available in that country. This blog will make sure that you have complete information on how to balance your studies and work while having experience in a job.

What are student-friendly jobs?

A job that is flexible enough to make your student’s life easier is one of the first things on the checklist of student-friendly jobs. The job should be convenient according to your time and compatible with your style. Student-friendly jobs allow you to earn a little extra money while acquiring skills and exposure to different cultures and workplace environments.

Part-time job options for international students in Europe

You can find a wide range of part-time jobs in Europe that do not require any degree or years of experience in the field in the following list of jobs.

  • Restaurants and bars are always looking for people who are enthusiastic about serving people with a smile. You, as a student in Europe, can apply for waiter/waitress jobs, be a barista or catering assistant, or become a pizza delivery person for restaurants.
  • You may have many amusement parks, theaters, and museums around you in Europe. Becoming a ticketing or parking assistant is a great way to earn a little money in your free time.
  • Nearby hotels, retail stores, and call centers might always be hiring individuals for support. You can work with them part-time, flexible to your preferences.
  • You can work for people busy with their careers who will be seeking someone to work as a tutor for their children, a babysitter for their infant, or a pet sitter and dog walker for their beloved pets.
  • If you are good with the language and creativity, you can work as a freelance writer or a designer online. Freelance web development is also an option if you have the right skills for it.

European cities that offer student-friendly jobs

According to the ratings of salary and experience from several sources like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, some European cities provide better part-time job opportunities for students. the list of cities that offer the most student-friendly jobs includes Delft and Leiden in the Netherlands. They have an overall index ranking of 100 and 99.67 out of 100 respectively. 

Delft and Leiden are home to two of the most reputable universities: Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. These cities offer a good number of jobs for native and non-native speakers across high-rated employers.

Konstanz is another city in Germany with a high rating in the availability of student-friendly jobs. The list of cities includes Göttingen (Germany), Paris (France), Lausanne (Switzerland), Bath (UK), Odense (Denmark), and more.

How much can you earn from student-friendly jobs in Europe?

The location where you work and the kind of job you choose will directly affect what you get paid for your job. Moreover, the employer you choose to work for can decide what money you will get for your efforts. We have a list as follows of the average salary that each job can get you in Europe.

  • Waiter/waitress: €9.38
  • Barista: €9.14
  • Catering Assistant: €10.02
  • Pizza delivery person: €9.69
  • Ticketing assistant: €10.13
  • Retail sales associate: €10.35
  • Hotel receptionist: €10.47
  • Tutor: €15.76
  • Parking assistant: €10.08
  • Call center agent: €10.64
  • Babysitter: €9.86
  • Dog walker: €11.24
  • Translator: €18.32
  • Freelance writer: €16.77
  • Graphic designer: €16.95
  • Web developer: €20.42
  • Pet sitter: €10.05

Remember that all the figures mentioned are just averages of what you get for these jobs. The actual pay for these jobs might differ according to the cities and employers. Wherever you choose to study in Europe, it is important to consider all the expenses you will have, including rent, food, transport, and other necessities, before you go for the first job you get. This is recommended because of the fluctuations in living costs across different cities.

Language requirements of part-time jobs in Europe

The language barrier is one of the common problems faced by international students while finding a well-paying part-time job in Europe. Speaking the local language or having good communication skills in English might be a requirement for many jobs. At the same time, you can also find several jobs that do not require these language preferences due to the nature of the job.

According to overall statistics, students with proficiency in English can greatly benefit in several job sectors. Besides, they will be able to benefit a lot from their personal and professional development while having no barriers to communicating with classmates, tutors, friends, and colleagues.

Balancing your work and studies in Europe

Having the opportunity to work and earn while pursuing studies is all good, but there are a few issues that you might face. Keeping up with the obligations you need to comply with in both work and education at the same time might feel challenging and stressful. Managing the time you have by utilizing the resources effectively is one way to balance your job and study requirements. Above all, you have to be considerate of the condition of your health and energy.

Plan and communicate

Planning while maintaining real-time communication between your employer, friends, and teachers can help you balance your academic and professional obligations. This way, you will be able to make the best use of your time and energy while not missing job and class schedules.

Take care of yourself

Never let your body suffer due to inconsiderate behavior towards your mental and physical health. You need to get enough sleep, exercise, and breaks regularly while also seeking support from family, friends, and counselors if you need it.

Studying in Europe is not all about lectures and job schedules. You can take a break and go on trips to enjoy the beauty of the land you are residing in. You can find hundreds of events and relaxation spots across Europe to travel around whenever you have time. You can get complete information on the availability of part-time jobs and the options you have in every European country from Campus World overseas education consultants in Kochi.

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