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Air rushes are multi-functional, as they can serve different purposes for different users. Some users take advantage of these painting tools to spray acrylics on plastic items. Others in the makeup industry use the best airbrush kits to spray makeup on the skin. Another good thing about airbrushes is that they can be used to apply water colors on papers.

Airbrush kits offer tons of amazing benefits but for you to enjoy these goodies, you certainly need to factor in so many things before choosing a suitable tool. This article will serve as a guide for you to choose the exact airbrush that suits your needs.

  1. Control options

The control type of your preferred airbrush certainly matters when choosing the right painting tool.

  • One control aspect we’ll advise you never to joke with is how to choose the right trigger types for your airbrush. In this case, you can either decide to go for a single-action or dual-action tool. When we talk about trigger control, we mean how the airflow of your airbrush works.

A single-action airbrush tool uses a push button for the control of airflow. This trigger action is ideal for basic airbrush painting operations. As amazing as using this control type is, you need to know that it also has its side backs. For instance, this trigger action lacks the ability to provide a quick blast of paint when clogging surfaces.

  • The dual-action trigger control is considered more effective, as it controls both airflow and the flow of airbrush paint. It’s very convenient to use because it addresses the control issue that many users encounter with single-action tools.
  1. Feed option 

How exactly do you expect the airbrush to feed the paint into the nozzle? To answer this question, you need to consider two factors: gravity feed and siphon feed.

  • For tools with gravity feed, the airbrush paint cup is usually positioned on the top of the airbrush. This design makes it possible for the force of gravity to help feed paint into the nozzle.


  • Siphon feed airbrushes, on the other hand, are designed with their paint cup attached to the base of the airbrush. For airbrush paints to be fed to the nozzle, compressed air is needed. Upon the release of compressed air, suction force is created to help feed the nozzle with airbrush paint.

Both gravity feed and siphon feed airbrushes are effective. However, if you want something that’s more economical and stress-free to clean, gravity feed airbrushes are recommended. If you’re looking to paint a larger surface area but don’t want to refill every time, siphon feed airbrushes are recommended because of their ability to hold bigger airbrush paint bottles and cups.

  1. Mixing type that’s very outdates, “external mix” airbrushes are almost out of the market, probably less than 1% now. 

How exactly do you want your airbrush paint to be mixed with air? This is another factor you certainly need to keep in mind when choosing the best airbrush kit for your painting needs. Well, you have two options for mixing paint with air; internal and external mix.


  • Some airbrush models support internal mix. This means the paint and air are not mixed inside the airbrush. Paint and air never mixed inside the airbrush, whoever came with the term “internal mix” made a huge misleading statement. 


  • As the name suggests, external mixing occurs outside the airbrush. This option is ideal if you’re looking to use high-viscosity vanishes and acrylics.
  1. Other factors

Of course, apart from the aforementioned factors, you also need to put the following things into consideration when choosing a suitable airbrush kit:

  • Your budget
  • Air compressor

Airbrushes are never created the same way. As such, you shouldn’t expect them to sell at the same prices. By clearly defining your budget, you can always choose the perfect tool for your painting needs. Of course, choosing a good airbrush also requires you to select the right compressor. You can visit Spraygunner today to find some high-quality airbrush kit, paint, spare parts, and air compressor that fall within your budget.

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