9 Ways to Help Your Child Stay Active on School Breaks

Help Your Child Stay Active on School Breaks

School breaks are an excellent time for children to relax and rejuvenate. Yet, ensuring they stay active and engaged in physical activities is essential. Encouraging physical activity promotes their overall health. Furthermore, it also helps them develop crucial social skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are nine practical ways to keep your child active during school breaks.

Plan Outdoor Adventure Time

Encourage your child to explore the outdoors by taking family hikes, bike rides or nature walks. Spending time in nature keeps them active. It also fosters an appreciation for the environment. It’s an excellent opportunity to bond as a family and teach your child about wildlife and conservation.

Allow Your Children to Attend Sports Camps and Classes

Enroll your child in sports camps or classes offered during school breaks. These programs provide structured physical activities and coaching. They help children develop their skills. Furthermore, they can help make your child feel more confident. Your child may also develop a passion for sports throughout their lives. Camps and classes also encourage children to make new friends with similar interests.

Create Family Fitness Challenges

Create a fun and competitive atmosphere by organizing family fitness challenges. Activities like relay races, obstacle courses or even a simple game of tag can get everyone moving. Shooting baskets at a unique basketball hoop is another excellent idea. Involving the whole family makes it enjoyable and encourages healthy competition. When tough times come, your children will draw strength from the time you spend with them.

Visit Local Parks and Playgrounds

Take regular trips to local parks and playgrounds. These spaces offer a variety of equipment and open areas for kids to run, climb and play. Invite their friends to join, promoting social interaction while staying active. Treat everyone to a picnic after some playtime. Consider going to several different venues during the school break.

Join the Fun at Dance and Music Workshops

Dance and music workshops are an excellent way for children to express themselves creatively while staying active. Whether ballet, hip-hop or playing a musical instrument, these classes can ignite their passion and keep them engaged during breaks. Consider turning on music in the living room if no workshops fit your schedule. Then, everyone can dance together. Be forewarned that videos of these special times may come back to haunt you for years to come.

Embrace Active Screen Time

Many children want to spend their entire school break on their electronic devices. Instead of constantly arguing with them, incorporate active video games or workout videos into their routine. Platforms like Wii Fit or interactive dance games can make physical activity enjoyable, combining entertainment with exercise. Ensure to choose options based on the child’s age and interests.


Involve your child in gardening and yard work. Activities like planting, weeding and lawn mowing require physical effort. They also get to learn responsibility. Furthermore, they will enjoy the fruits of their labor by watching plants grow and thrive. Consider incorporating some science information into discussions as you work alongside your child.

Learn Self-Defense

Consider enrolling your child in martial arts or yoga classes. These disciplines promote physical fitness, discipline and mental well-being. They can help improve balance, flexibility and self-control. Look for options that will help your child learn some self-defense skills. Many classes exist in most areas, but consider online possibilities if they do not work for you.

Volunteer for Community Events

Engage your child in volunteer activities such as community cleanups, charity runs or sports events. Many volunteer opportunities require physical activity. In addition to keeping your child moving, participating in community activities often instills a sense of responsibility and empathy for others. Talk with your child about why it is vital to help others and animals. This is the perfect time to share your morals with your children.


During school breaks, balancing relaxation and physical activity is crucial to ensure your child’s overall well-being. By implementing these nine strategies, you can keep your child healthy and happy during their time off from school while fostering valuable life skills and experiences. Remember that staying active should be enjoyable, so choose activities that align with your child’s interests and preferences. Join the fun and do activities together as a family. Look for opportunities to incorporate information that you want your child to know.




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