Israel Gimba – A Contemporary Man of God Contriving Modern Evangelism


“Evangelism, in its purest form, is an overflow of worship.”

-Bill Johnson

Hopeless and lifeless people are abundant. These people could be anywhere, living happily on the surface but sad and miserable inside. Societal pressure forces many to hide. To hide the truth, to hide emotions, and spend their whole life in a fake pretense of happiness. Such a miserable state to live in! This is where the role of an evangelist comes in, to find and target the lost and help guide them to the truth.

Here arises another question, are the old methods of preaching still relevant nowadays? Of course not; the new generation has entirely rejected the notion of traditional evangelism, and the proof is empty churches and silent gatherings. So, what should we do? Leave and let them degenerate? No, the world needs young, enthusiastic, modern evangelists who create innovative and contemporary preaching styles that catch the youth’s attention. Obviously, this can be done only by young pastors and preachers. And that brings us to Israel Gimba. A young man who is bringing innovation to a well-needed area of religion; evangelism.

Hailing from a family of pastors, Israel Gimba founded a ministry platform to help people develop a soulful relationship with Jesus Christ, specifically Generation Y (GEN-Y) and Generation Z (GEN-Z). Gimba began his ministry work on the streets of Ottawa. He used to serve the city’s poorest and needy for more than 50 hours a week.

Gimba wanted to pursue a Law degree in Canada, but his soul was asking for something else. He dropped the idea of studying and picked up evangelism. He decided to make it appealing, so he founded the Dunamis Army, a movement of people who love Jesus. Under the banner of the Dunamis Army, several interesting ventures are organized to gather people and motivate them to a better life. One such venture is “IGNITE,”; a program in which students are invited to university campuses to spread the good news. Concerts, street, and stadium evangelism are a few other endeavors of the Dunamis Army.

The goal of the Dunamis Army is to bring millions of young people to Jesus; Gimba organizes large-scale events to help young people experience God. One upside of these events is the zero drug and alcohol policy which creates an organic healthy environment. The event attracts artists from all around the world showcasing their talent at these gatherings.

Gimba has a deep connection with music. He has been singing since childhood. Incorporating his musical passion into ministry work, Gimba together with his brothers formed Dunamis District It started in his basement, and now the band has 15 songs curated. Dunamis District is a band to watch. Gimba is the band’s lead vocalist, crafting the music since 2015 but was afraid of releasing it because of the uniqueness of the songs. After gathering some courage, Dunamis District released its first single, “Fix My Eyes,” in 2021.

Gimba was born on 17 September 1991 in Nigeria but was brought to Brighton and later to York, a city in the North of England. Throughout his life, Gimba has been inspired by legendary evangelists such as Charles Finney, William Booth, Kathryn Kuhlman, and Smith Wigglesworth.

Despite being a preponderant and super-active evangelist, Gimba is also a full-time entrepreneur. From 2020 till date, he has been the Chief Executive Officer of Kingdom Holdings and has businesses operating in the UK and Canada. He is also a Director in an IT service and consultant company named iRadar Data and owns Lomah Contracting Incorporation, a firm dedicated to 3D model designing and landscaping projects.

Evangelist, motivational speaker, and international businessman, Israel Gimba has inspired many lives. He has founded a unique and unconventional ministry mechanism that is far more effective and efficient than much of what we currently see. Under his supervision, many people started following Jesus’s path and even got baptized. Gimba plans to expand his ministry activities nationally to benefit more people with the message of the gospel.

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