Why You Should Always Prime Your Vape Coils

If you enjoy vaping, you are aware of the importance of having a top-notch vaping experience. Priming your vape coils is an important but frequently disregarded factor that greatly impacts your happiness. Proper coil priming may make all the difference in flavor, vapor production, and coil longevity, whether you’re using an Elf bar or a Tugboat Evo. In this blog, we’ll explore the justifications for consistently priming your vape coils and the best practices for doing so.

What is coil priming?

Before going over why priming is important, let’s first define coil priming. Prime a vape coil, the process of getting the wicking material inside the coil ready before you start vaping. Coils often contain cotton or other absorbent materials that must be completely saturated with e-liquid to prevent dry hits and burnt flavors.

Preserve the Lifetime of Your Coil

Your chosen e-liquid can completely saturate the wick by priming your vape coil. This avoids the dreaded dry hits, which can harm the coil and reduce its lifespan. Failure to prime your coil could result in unpleasant grating hits that can grate on your throat. You may relish smooth, pleasurable puffs and avoid discomfort by giving your coil the proper amount of time to prime. You may fully saturate your atomizer heads and protect your investment by getting the most out of your device by slowly introducing your coil to the liquid.

Improve the Production of Vapour

If you prefer thicker or smaller clouds of vapor, priming your vape coil is crucial. This may involve opening your sub-ohm tank or pouring into the slit at the pod’s side, depending on the sort of vape kit you’re using. When the coil is adequately saturated, efficient vapor generation is enabled, guaranteeing you receive the desired dense clouds. Whether you choose pod kits with built-in or ohm coils, priming your coils will always enable you to chase clouds. 

Leave Wasted E-Liquid Behind

Vaping can be a true art form; no vaper should have to deal with the tragedy of wasting expensive e-liquid. By priming your coil, you minimize the possibility of e-liquid wastage and get the most out of every drop for your enjoyment. Priming has advantages beyond the physical side effects of vaping.

Improve battery performance

Your device will function at its highest degree of efficiency with a properly primed coil. As a result, your battery will last longer, enabling you to vape with assurance all day long without worrying about frequent recharges.

​​Increasing the Production of Flavour and Vapour

The best flavor and vapor production from their devices are priorities for users of the Elf bar and Tugboat Evo. When you prime your coils, you ensure that the e-liquid is spread evenly throughout the wicking material, improving flavor and vapor production. As a result, vaping is generally more gratifying and delightful.


Last but not least, priming your vape coil is an essential process that you must always pay attention to. It is the key to utilizing your vaping kit and e-liquids to their greatest capacity. If you discover that your coil is producing a burnt flavor, you should always replace your coils and begin the priming process all over again. Burned-out coils are no longer recoverable. 

Always prime your vape coils before using your Elf bar or Tugboat Evo. Proper coil priming prevents dry hits from burnt taste and extends the lifespan of your coils. Additionally, it enhances flavor and vapor production, providing a more satisfying vaping experience overall. Following a few simple steps, you can ensure your coils are always ready to deliver the best possible performance, making your vaping journey enjoyable and hassle-free. Happy vaping!


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