5 Best Vapes for Clouds

If you enjoy vaping, you know how important it is to chase huge clouds. Cloud chasing has grown in popularity among vapers, and the correct equipment is required to produce those captivating plumes. In this article, we’ll examine the top five vaporizers for clouds, focusing on the Isgo Bar 10000 and the Nerd Bar 3000, two standout competitors. These cutting-edge tools have increased cloud production to unprecedented heights, luring vapers from all over the world.

What Vape Has the Best Clouds? 

There is essentially just one kind of device worth considering if you want to create the biggest cloud possible—the sub-ohm device. If you want to fog the room, look no further than these kits, which are the best for cloud chasers.

Sub-ohm kits get that moniker because they work with sub-ohm coils. Because these coils have such low resistance—less than 1.0 ohm—they can produce more heat, which is how they can produce such powerful vapor clouds.

E-Liquid for Clouds’ Best

The correct e-liquid is the last item to vape the biggest, worst clouds, and pick the appropriate equipment and coils. 

The only kind of e-liquid that will produce dense vapor clouds is high-VG. Let us offer you a brief crash course in high-VG, just in case you’re unfamiliar with it.

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) comprise most of your e-liquid. While liquids with a high VG percentage are thicker and produce greater clouds, juices rich in PG are typically thinner and rougher on the throat. Given the significant amounts of vapor you’ll be inhaling, high-VG juice is also smoother, which is vital!

Clouds by Isgo Bar 10000

Industry leaders adore the Isgo Bar 10000 for its outstanding cloud production capabilities. This vape device ensures extended cloud-chasing enjoyment thanks to its cutting-edge technology and high-capacity battery. The Isgo Bar 10000 can produce thick, dense clouds that hang in the air like dreams because of its sophisticated coil system and adjustable airflow design. Vapers constantly on the run will find its sleek and portable style ideal.

The enormous 17ml of pre-filled e-liquid in the ISGO BAR Disposable offers up to 10,000 puffs. It is built with a strong 650mAh internal battery, providing quick and reliable performance that never stops. 50mg (5%) of nicotine salt is in high concentrations for a smooth, pleasurable sensation.

Unleash Your Inner Cloud Chaser at Nerd Bar 3000:

A beast when it comes to cloud creation is the Nerd Bar 3000. This vape pen’s next-generation e-liquid capacity and ultra-powerful battery make it ideal for cloud-chasing connoisseurs. Thanks to its pre-installed mesh coils, the Nerd Bar 3000 assures quick heating and produces enormous, billowing clouds with each pull. It is ideal for new and seasoned vapers due to its user-friendly UI and automatic draw activation.

This disposable (20MG) vape pen can produce up to 3000 puffs. Comes pre-filled with 8ml of our e-liquids. 1000mAh battery made entirely of cobalt.

It’s important to consider elements other than cloud generation while selecting the best vaporizer for clouds. Aspects to consider include ease of use, durability, and safety. With built-in safety features like short-circuit and low-voltage protection, the Isgo Bar 10000 and the Nerd Bar 3000 excel in these areas. 

Additionally, because of their durable design and ability to survive normal wear and tear, they make dependable traveling companions for cloud chasers. Additionally, user ease is a priority with these devices, which have simple interfaces and hassle-free coil replacement procedures.


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