Cost of Hiring a Locksmith to Rekey a House

Cost of Hiring a Locksmith to Rekey a House

Rekeying locks is recommended when moving into a new home and after incidents of theft or burglary to ensure no other parties possess keys to access your residence. Rekeying is also beneficial should any theft take place.

Rekeying involves changing the pins inside a lock cylinder so it will only open with its existing key. Locksmiths typically charge both an initial minimum service fee and per-lock fees when performing this service.

Key duplication

Locksmiths provide duplicate keys for many reasons, from safety and convenience purposes (for instance a spare key if one gets lost or given to family) to being used by law enforcement. Duplicating keys is an inexpensive and quick process which can save both time and money in the future.

Some locks display “do not duplicate” warnings on them, but this does not make copying illegal. While chain hardware stores like Ace Hardware may refuse to cut such keys for sale, locksmiths can easily replicate them.

Rekeying services may cost more than key duplication, but they provide greater security. A locksmith will rearrange cylinder pins to prevent old keys from working with their locks; costs for this can range between $40 to $100 depending on how many locks need rekeying and where.

Lock installation

Rekeying locks is an excellent solution when you want to ensure that only you have access to a lock, whether that means moving into a new home and wanting to change all the locks or if you have misplaced or lost all your keys. Rekeying involves changing pins within the tumbler so it only works with new keys; this method is much cheaper and time-efficient than replacing all your existing ones altogether.

Rekeying a house typically costs $200-$250, including service call fees and costs associated with uninstalling and rekeying the locks in question. Prices can fluctuate based on factors such as door count and location; you could save money by taking your locks to a locksmith shop where costs could be cut by 25%; purchasing hardware directly at home improvement stores also helps lower rekeying expenses.

Lockout service

If you find yourself locked out, hiring a spokane locksmith wa to rekey your locks may be the solution. Rekeying typically costs less than replacing, and can usually be completed quickly. But beware of scammers offering low prices with “guaranteed” work; such scammers usually send someone in their personal vehicle without uniform, company logo or any form of professionalism.

Rekeying can be an economical solution for homeowners who gave access to unwanted people (ex’s, vindictive family members etc) with spare keys to their house, or who recently moved into a new house but want to keep former renters out. Rekeying locks is also considerably less costly than replacing them entirely which can often cost double.

Rekey costs per door generally range between $150-$250, including service call charges and costs associated with disassembling and rekeying lock cylinders. Prices may differ depending on where and how often this service is rendered (at home, lock shop etc), number of cylinders (keyholes) needed for rekeying (for instance home versus lock shop) etc; you could reduce this expense by taking your locks directly to a local lock shop yourself.

Key extraction

Once you know how to deal with it, finding your key stuck in a lock doesn’t need to be stressful or frightening. Before calling a locksmith, try using spray lubricant with a straw attachment on its spray nozzle; press down against the opening of the lock while applying pressure with this method – if that fails try graphite powder as a second option.

An average locksmith cost to rekey and provide new keys to a house typically falls around $150, including lock and labor cost as well as minimum service charge; this fee may increase depending on if your locks contain features like profile cylinders.

Rekeying locks is an economical alternative to replacing them and can be completed quickly by a qualified locksmith. Rekeying is recommended after moving into a new home or after experiencing a break-in to ensure only you have access to your property.

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