Everything You Need to Know about the Many Murals of Philadelphia

<strong>Everything You Need to Know about the Many Murals of Philadelphia</strong>

The “mural capital of the world” has over 4,000 works of art painted over thousands of walls in Philadelphia. Started as a project to prevent graffiti, the anti-graffiti program back in 1984 is what is believed to be the milestone behind the creation of some of the most eccentric and beautiful murals throughout the city.

These murals are also known for repurposing public spaces and spreading positive messages throughout people’s life through these marvelous murals. Nowadays, these murals have become a typical tourist attraction point where thousands of foreigners visit once a year to get lost in awe of the vibrant colors and gentle strokes of brushes depicted on walls, making it the grand and sole “mural capital of the world.” It is also known for being one of the first world heritage sites due to its rich historical, geographical, and cultural heritage in the past and present.

You don’t have to be an artist to make yourself connected with the city. All the captivating murals have that necessary charm that allows everyone to share and relate to these murals to some extent, as they portray positivity and a will to achieve something more significant than everyone desires in their life. With 4,000 murals painted across the city, one can simply assume it to be an important open-space art museum, with murals dating back to the 20th century.

Here is the list of many murals that you will get to witness in Philadelphia.

New Murals

Each year the Philadelphia mural art commissions over 50-100 Murals throughout the city; as a result, no matter what time of the year you want to revisit the place, you will see new murals painted on the brick walls of the city.

Pennsylvania Convention Center Murals

If you are keen on visiting Philadelphia to witness some of the incredible murals that reflect on community message, then it is a place where you will find murals like “we did that,” which celebrates the community voting rights of Philadelphia, and “tree of knowledge” depicting the close bond of Philadelphia river and the flora surrounding it.

Sports Murals

Aside from creating vibrant and eccentric murals, Philadelphia is also known for being passionate about its native sports team. For that very reason, they have dedicated a whole bunch of walls to capture the sports legends of Philadelphia, such as the 2018 eagles, legacy sixers like Dr. J and Allen Iverson. So, if you are an art enthusiast, this will be heaven for your imagination to run wild.

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