Fake News of Robots Killed Scientists in Japan

<strong>Fake News of Robots Killed Scientists in Japan</strong>

A conspiracy spread that led to four AI robots attacking and killing 29 scientists. On the other hand, no such incident has been recorded in Japan.

Many people know that this news is unofficial. But some people in the United States and around the world say this is news. A leading Japanese robotics company says four robots have attacked scientists and researchers. But never news

A prominent journalist who reported the death was accused of spreading conspiracy rumors.

Where did it start?

Who was the first to say that robots were killing people in Japan? Linda Moulton Howe, a journalist known for spreading conspiracy theories, was speaking on a panel at the Conscious Life Show in Los Angeles. December 2018: He stands before the people. Post on Facebook with the class. The filming of the performance has attracted a lot of attention online. Howe tells the story of four robots that killed 29 scientists in a Japanese laboratory. Howe said on the show that he received a call from someone claiming to be a contractor for the NSA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

The former soldier detailed how the robot attacked the scientist with metal bullets. Although some robots have been disabled by scientists. Those forced to pay compensation quickly returned online.

Is this true?

Since this is the first time the attack has been reported, there is no certainty. She wrote down the name of the researcher. She did not provide background details for her story or the location of the lab or the date of the incident.

Since then, Linda’s story has been widely shared on the Internet, prompting Snopes to conduct an investigation that concluded her story was false. When discussing the dangers of 

AI and UFOs, she suggested that they might be the creations of advanced AIs of an alien race.

Snopes pointed to several loopholes in the murder story, supporting their conclusion that it was a hoax. Startup stories have no backstory or context. Linda did not disclose the whereabouts or name of the scientist accused of the massacre, nor explain the source of the information, but Snopes said none of the scientists were missing. Linda’s story eventually took an unexpected turn. She repeated the same story in an interview. However, sources said he only gave hearsay. And you said that I published information that does not testify to death.

In recent years, however, misinformation with American origins has been used as an example. There is no evidence of such incidents in Japan, and even in 2022, most Japanese know nothing about mass murder.


The claim that they are responsible for the killing of scientists in Japan is not supported, at least by the available evidence.

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