Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes When You Are Moving To Cibolo, Texas

Don't Make These Costly Mistakes When You Are Moving To Cibolo, Texas

If you’re reading this, you are considering moving to Cibolo, Texas. Cibolo is a lovely city with numerous opportunities for new residents. Whether you’re thinking about buying a home in the city or renting somewhere nearby, there are some important things to keep in mind if you plan on moving here soon. This guide will provide useful information and tips on what to expect when moving to Cibolo, TX. Let’s get started! 

Not Hiring Professional movers!

A professional mover is not cheap, but it’s not expensive, especially compared to other related moving costs. The price depends on several factors, like whether you choose full service or self-service, what kind of moving vehicle (truck and trailer, 18-wheeler, etc.) you need, the number of movers, and additional services like packing, unloading, insurance, and travel time. 

For instance, if you choose an 18-wheeler, the cost of moving is usually higher than if you get a regular truck and a couple of movers. That said, the cost of hiring local movers like Simplified Moving Solutions is still minuscule when you compare it to the cost of replacing or repairing damaged furniture or appliances that were not properly packed.

Not Packing Up Your Stuff In The Last Minute

If you’re planning to move within a couple of weeks, you want to avoid getting ahead of yourself and start packing your things now. Only some objects require the same level of care regarding packing. You might quickly realize that some items are too large to pack, or you may need the proper materials to pack certain items. It’s better to wait a few weeks until you have more time to devote to packing. Otherwise, you may have to rush through the process and cut corners, which won’t result in properly packed items. You should also have enough space to store your belongings until the move. In other words, don’t wait to pack until the last minute.

Not Renting A Moving Truck 

Yes, many companies offer cheap moving truck rentals, but choosing a reliable company is important. Before moving to Cibolo, choosing a random company can cost you more in the long run. For example, you could be charged a fee if you are late or damage the vehicle. You may also have to pay an extra fee if you need a suitable place to park the vehicle. 

Make sure you have enough room for the moving truck in your driveway or parking spot. If your driveway is too small, the moving truck may have to be parked on the street. If so, you may be issued a ticket by the police. You may also have to pay more if you want additional services like a lift gate, fuel pump access, or assistance loading and unloading the truck.

Not Asking For Professional Movers To Pack Your Stuff

The truth is that you can’t pack your things professionally. When you pack your things, you use the materials that you have available. On the other hand, local movers like Simplified Moving Solutions know which materials to use for each item. They also know how to wrap and pack fragile items to avoid damage properly.

 You may need to know which materials to use to pack certain items, or you may need to learn how to wrap and secure them to avoid damage properly. If you don’t do this right, you may end up damaging your things and creating more work for yourself when you unpack. Furthermore, if things are properly packed, the movers may have to take time to repack them correctly. This can cause your items to be delayed or damaged.

Asking Your Friends To Help You Move Out

You are wrong if you think about getting away with a pizza and a couple of beers and calling your friends to help you. 

Moving is a very stressful experience. During the process, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated. If you have friends who will be helping you move, you may feel pressure to finish quickly, which can lead to accidents. Many injuries occur during the moving process due to stress and rushing. 

You need to ensure they understand how to lift heavy items properly. Ensure they are properly insured in case they cause an accident while helping you. That’s why working with local movers is the best decision you will make if you want everything to go as you planned.  

Pros of Moving to Cibolo, TX

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not Cibolo is the right city for you, here are a few of the top pros to consider:

 – Excellent education system – Cibolo has an award-winning school district with highly-regarded schools, including Cibolo Creek High School, a Blue Ribbon School. 

– Up-and-coming art and culture scene 

– Cibolo is home to the Cibolo Nature Center, which hosts many art and cultural events each year. 

– Proximity to San Antonio – Cibolo is just outside San Antonio, making it super easy to pop into the large city for entertainment, shopping, or other activities. 

– Proximity to Austin – Cibolo is also close to Austin, making it super easy to take advantage of the many things Austin offers.

Cons of Moving to Cibolo, TX

Just like every city, Cibolo has its downsides. If you’re moving to Cibolo, Texas, here are a few of the top cons to consider:

 – Limited transportation options – Cibolo doesn’t have a public transit system, so those who don’t have access to a car will have limited options for getting around.

 – Limited job opportunities – There are few large employers in Cibolo, so those hoping to find high-paying jobs may be disappointed.

 – Limited entertainment options – While you’re close to major cities like San Antonio and Austin, there isn’t much entertainment in Cibolo itself.


Relocating to a new city can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Keeping in mind the tips in this guide can make the process smoother. Remember, it’s better to start early and take your time than to rush and risk damaging your things or hurting yourself.

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