Top Locations to Scuba Dive in 2023

If you’re searching for new ways to experience your dream beach location, adding scuba diving to your holiday plans is a wonderful way to see parts of the underwater world unknown to most beachgoers.

From vibrant coral reef systems to breathtaking marine life, going below the surface of the waves will completely change your perspective and how you plan your vacation excursions in the future.

We’ve compiled our top ten favorite scuba diving locations in the world and are excited about all of the mystical seascapes you’ll experience in 2023. Suit up, divers! It’s time to jump in!

1. Costa Rica: Cocos Island

If you want to dive in locations specifically to watch marine life, this is the place for you! Costa Rica is a prime diving spot for hammerhead sightings. Manta rays and whale sharks also call this area home seasonally. It is quite a long journey to venture into the more remote part of the ocean where Cocos Island is, but seeing large marine life makes the journey worthwhile.

2. Egypt: Ras Mohammed

For fantastic wreck diving in the Red Sea, the SS Thistlegorm wreck site is absolutely unbelievable. This wreck is of a British transport steamship that found its home on the bottom of the ocean in 1941 after an air attack by a German aircraft.

Divers can swim through dark cargo holds, unmasking a collection of wartime memorabilia like ammunition, jeeps, and motorbikes. With soft coral pockets that have staked their claim on this wartime masterpiece, divers will see the perfect mix of history and marine life in symbiotic coexistence. Please check Covid 19 Guideline before traveling to Egypt.

3. USA: Maui, Lahaina

Divers looking to see sharks and sea turtles in their natural habitat do not need to look any further than Maui, Hawaii. With gorgeous, clear waters and bountiful coral and sea sponges, divers can expect to see beautiful marine life grazing along coral reefs and dozens of species that will blow your mind!

Diving conditions in Maui are immaculate year-round, so book your tickets and pack your bags! It’s time to hop into the pristine Hawaiian waters because this is one of the top locations to scuba dive in 2023.

4. Mexico: Socorro

This location is the perfect crossroads of abundant marine life and excellent diving conditions. From whale sharks to hammerheads and dolphins to barracudas and humpback whales, this destination will blow your expectations out of the sparkling, pristine water.

If you’re most interested in seeing whale sharks, schedule your tickets sometime around November or December. Divers hoping to spot humpback whales should come in the springtime.

5. Bahamas: Grand Bahama Island

The Bahamas is an iconic dive site known for its shark diving. From reef sharks to hammerheads, divers can swim with these amazing marine creatures in the warm Caribbean waters. Tiger Beach is world-renowned for tiger shark diving, if that’s your cup of tea.

The most optimal diving conditions in the Bahamas take place mid-spring through September. The shallow waters and gorgeous white sands provide excellent conditions and perfect opportunities for photos under the surface.

6. Iceland: Thingvellir National Park

Silfra Fissure is a sight to behold like no other. Silfra Fissure is the location of two continental plates that join together, and divers love this spot for impeccable dives and stunning freshwater views. For best conditions, divers typically visit this North American – Eurasian plate interface between late spring and September, but the fissure is available for diving year-round.

7. Indonesia: Alor

This is a lesser-known dive site, but it is no less special! The small island of Alor is home to thousands of colorful anemones, matching its namesake, “Anemone Island.” Under the water’s surface, hundreds of volcanic boulders offer the perfect anemone environment. Variation in color, size, and species, the picturesque mix of swaying anemone fingers and colorful small fish navigating between them feels like it’s straight out of Finding Nemo.

8. Indonesia: Raja Ampat

This coral wall dive site is on every diver’s bucket list, and we can see why! Diving at Cape Kri is an ideal site for all levels of divers, from experienced to newcomers. The best diving conditions range from October through April. One of the claims to fame for this diving paradise is its record-setting number of different fish species identified in a single diving session.

The biodiversity of marine life here is unlike any other in the world, making every diving experience unique. Raja Ampat is also home to abundant coral gardens teeming with fish life, making the underwater activity look like it came straight out of a dream. You won’t believe the color and biodiversity you see during your dive.

9. Fiji: Vatu-I-Ra

Fiji is widely known as the soft coral capital of the world, and Mellow Yellow is evidence of that. This unique stretch of the Vatu-I-Ra Passage hosts an unimaginable number of yellow soft coral. The coral thrives in this environment because of the current that flows past it.

You can expect swatches of reds, purples, oranges, and yellows framed with pink bursts of color. The vibrant colors from the coral and anthias make this dive site the perfect place for underwater photographers to practice their craft.

10. French Polynesia: Tuamotu Archipelago

From gray reef sharks to manta rays, dolphins, and more – French Polynesia is a must-see place for many experienced divers. This specific atoll is known for cascading coral reefs and large marine species.

The more popular areas along this French Polynesian archipelago include Rangiroa, Fakarava, and Tikehau. Especially for shark diving, you’ll want to book trips through Rangiroa and Fakarava. Get excited! This trip will blow your mind!


We hope this list has helped you decide where to book your vacation days this year. Of course, every diver has their preferences, and compiling a list of the best dive sites to suit every need is impossible. Nevertheless, we are excited about all the underwater adventures you have to look forward to and the abundance of marine life you’ll experience. See you on the high seas!

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