Ethical Investing 101: Making a Positive Impact On Humankind

Ethical investing considers factors of social, environmental, and economic sustainability. The main objective of ethical investing is to take on investment opportunities that positively contribute to humanity with the least harm. While some ethical investors maintain a profits-focused mindset, they do not overlook what’s best for humanity in their interest for monetary gain.

Other investors are solely focused on creating a positive human impact and select investment opportunities focusing exclusively on this goal. If you choose systematic investment opportunities for the greater good, you can consider yourself an ethical investor. In addition to these initial conditions, ethical investors must follow The Golden Rule in their investment pursuits to preserve the intention to do no harm and to create the best investment decisions that support and protect humanity.

Ethical investing works alongside creating positive human impact; it focuses on bringing goodness into society and the greater world. However, ethical investing must be carried out strategically to avoid accidental mistakes that lead to detrimental outcomes for humankind. In this article, we go into the details of making a positive impact on humanity so you can successfully fulfill your mission as an ethical investor.

Look For Positive Company Contributions

Companies that go out of their way to contribute positively to the world are often candidates for ethical investments. Suppose you’re aware that a company you’re interested in frequently offers workers coverage and benefits that support humankind. In that case, there is a good chance it is a sustainable business. Still, you need to research and ensure that these efforts are genuine and are not false depictions in the hopes of “greenwashing” ethical investors or consumers.

Compare Mission Statement To Research

Review the company’s mission statement and see how its objectives hold up to the research you put together with the help of experienced, ethical investors and investment firms. Socially conscious businesses want to put humanity first and place investors on the same level as their employees, customers, and greater society. Another objective as an ethical investor is to encourage other companies to follow The Golden Rule. Starting a conversation with companies on how they can improve their rankings within your portfolio may lead to positive impacts on humankind.

Quantify The Company’s Impact On Humankind

Once you’ve gathered companies you’re interested in working with, quantify the various values of the company’s behaviors and their influences on social, environmental, and economic components. Assign a dollar amount to these values, be they beneficial or damaging to society, and come to a concluding dollar amount representing that company’s total value to humankind. Work with experienced investors who understand how to apply and quantify company impact. You can avoid making inaccurate conclusions by receiving professional guidance.

Cover The Basics To Generate Positive Impact

Make sure that your ethical investing pursuits cover the basics. To generate a positive impact on humankind, keep an eye out for sustainable efforts led by companies, use comparative analysis to assess how each company compares, and utilize quantification to make sound ethical investment decisions.

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