Learning Management System for Health and Social Care

The range of uses for a Learning Management System, known as an LMS, can vary from each organisation. We’ll discuss the use cases for a Learning Management System for Health and Social Care but it’s worth noting that, an LMS is used to help track, manage and monitor Learning and Development. Typically, an LMS can be used by anyone in an organisation, however these different users will have different needs and requirements from an LMS.

Learners can use an LMS to complete a range of learning activities such as e-Learning, read policies and procedures, and review content submitted by their organisation. They can also book themselves onto events and face-to-face workshops.

Some LMS’ have the ability to differentiate ‘Managers’ and ‘Admin’, depending on the size of an organisation and the purpose of the LMS. ‘Managers’ can use an LMS to manage their immediate teams, track their team’s compliance and produce reports to evidence all e-Learning within their teams.

An Admin should have the ability to fully configure an LMS, to align it with the needs of an organisation. This is often done from the beginning at the onboarding stage, by ‘Admin’ users adding the exact learning pathways and journeys for specific job roles.

We’ve seen that a Manager is often a site manager whilst an ‘Admin’ user is often involved at the beginning and does not have any later down the line, unless a ticket is raised with the training provider directly. We’ve seen that in bigger companies, ‘Admin’ users are based away from the direct location, such as a head office.

Why should I be using an LMS for my Health and Social Care Organisation?

The right LMS will always compliment your Health and Social Care organisations Learning and Development strategy, this should also act as an extension to your existing team’s set-up. This is also ideal to add consistency and standardisation when arranging and delivering your organisations training opportunities. By standardising your Learning and Development across your organisation and adopting a digital approach, you’ll receive a number of benefits such as:

  • Organised and Simple System, user-friendly and in-tune with your organisation.
  • Reporting and Tracking to show tangible results from your teams and organisation.
  • Blended Learning, different types of Learning sources to support your staff.
  • Streamline and Automate processes within your Learning and Development.
  • Save time admin time and save money in the process.
  • Increased Compliance (CQC, for Health and Social Care) to ensure Learning and Development is kept on-top of.
  • Train and Upskill Staff, with refresher training and onboarding.

We believe a Learning Management System should always compliment your existing system, and support your Learning and Development Strategy. This can often be done by just reviewing your organisations current situation and looking at how this can be streamlined and made more effective with an LMS. This will allow you to decide what you’d require from an LMS, and which gaps you need it to fill for your Learning and Development Strategy.

My Learning Cloud provides an all-in-one LMS ideal for the Health and Social Care Sector, as it comes as a complete solution of over 100 CPD certified Health and Social care e-Learning courses.

Our LMS is interactive and has engaging, interactive and immersive content, these are just some of the key features your organisation can take advantage of. We are a firm believer that good design and user experience helps facilitates good engagement from your learners.

Contact us today to book a free, online consultation to discuss the future of your Learning and Development for your Health and Social Care organisation.

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