Carbon Footprint and Traveling

 Carbon Footprint and Traveling

When you travel, you can impact your carbon footprint with the choices that you make, and you can minimize it by being smarter with your choices.

Global warming is a problem for everyone, we are seeing extreme weather patterns happening more often.

With hurricanes, tornados, floodings, and fires are all happening more often, and this is a result of global warming.

The majority of the co2 emissions are caused by major companies, industrial industries, and airlines are major contributors.

In 2015 the Paris Climate Agreement was formed between over 100 nations, to reduce global warming and commit to reducing CO2 gasses.

Companies and industries make up over 70% of greenhouse gasses all over the world.

But as individuals, we can also play our part in reducing greenhouse gases. We can make greener choices in the products that we buy, in the food we purchase, and in how we live.

We can recycle more, so less waste goes to landfills, you can use LED lights to be more energy efficient.

Adding solar panels will also help your home to be greener, and buying an electric car or a hybrid will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Be carbon neutral

Traveling and Your Carbon Footprint

The choice you make when you travel will also impact your carbon footprint. Where you go, how you get there, and where you stay will all be important factors to lower your carbon impact.

 Being aware and making the right carbon-neutral choices will make an impact, and they are not difficult to do.

If you travel by automobile, the vehicles have become much greener with electric choices, or hybrid vehicles.

Over 30% of the CO2 emissions in Europe were caused by automobiles, but this is lowered with more clean-air vehicles.

The automobile industry is all going electric by the year 2030, and this will play a huge role in helping to lower global warming.

When you are traveling, it is greener to travel with friends in your car, there will be less traffic, so they will be fewer cars, less pollution, and everyone’s carbon footprint will be lowered.

When you are planning your vacation or trip, the choices that you make can be expensive, but you can contact and they can help you to finance your vacation.

If you travel by an electric car, this is a fantastic way to control your carbon footprint.

Another way to limit your carbon footprint is by train. This can greatly minimize your co2 emissions, you can minimize your co2 to less than one percent by train.

Choosing a Green Airline

Traveling by air is not the most eco-friendly, but you do have some greener choices. Some airlines are making greener efforts. The airline industry is a major contributor to co2 emissions.

Virgin Atlantic is investing in carbon offset programs all over the world, they are the greenest airline.

Not only is Virgin investing in carbon offset programs, but they are also making the effort to buy local produce and organic food.

They are also investing in biofuel, and the company is making strong efforts to reduce its own carbon footprint.

 There are other airlines such as Air France, KLM, Jet Blue, and Alaska Airlines that are also operating in a greener way.

These companies are also investing in carbon offset programs, to help become more carbon neutral.

Choosing Where to  Stay

The choices of where you should stay on your vacation or business trip can have a massive impact on your carbon footprint when you travel.

Do not choose a hotel, they a not eco-friendly and will not help your carbon footprint. There are eco-friendly hotels and they are a good option. You can also stay in an eco-resort, there are options for you to choose from.

But if you rent a home or rent a fully furnished apartment, you will find that these are much greener options.

 When you rent a house or an apartment, you will have control over your carbon footprint, you can keep lights turned off, unplug appliances that you are not using, and do the laundry when you want.

Unlike hotels, they provide all of the services, that you have absolutely no control over. Renting homes or apartments will allow you to be more carbon-neutral.

When you are renting, you can buy local produce, shop in local stores, and dine in local restaurants.

Renting apartments or houses, is more expensive upfront, as you will need to pay for the rent and the security deposit.

You can visit www.cartitleloanscalifornia and they can help you to get the money that you need, for all of your rental expenses.

 Eating Local

When you rent a home or a furnished apartment you will get to live like a local, you can shop at the local stores, go to the local markets, eat the local produce, and dine in the local restaurants.

Living and eating local when you travel, will also promote the local economy. When you invest in the local community, you are promoting sustainability.

If you can travel less when you are on vacation it will be greener, the fewer flights that you take will be good for the environment.

Staying longer in one location is better, you will also get to really experience the local culture, which can lead to a better vacation.

The choices we make when we travel have an impact on our environment, but with some greener choices, we can all do our part.

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