Best Carpet Cleaning Tips for Home Owners

Best Carpet Cleaning Tips for Home Owners

Isn’t it a tedious task to maintain clean carpets? Unfortunately, dust particles and stains collect on the carpet almost every day. But, the situation worsens when flooding takes place. Booking professional wet carpet cleaning Brisbane service is always an option. But, you should be aware of some tips that can be helpful in tackling some problems like stains, mould and odours. The tips that you will find below will not harm your carpet. So, you can use them without hesitation on your carpet.

· Clean the Spills Immediately

You should always keep the carpet dry. Water spills, rainwater and flood water should be removed as soon as possible. Delaying this work could lead to the growth of bacteria and fungi. Moreover, the odours will be released by the wet carpeting. You can either use a towel or blotting paper to absorb little moisture. In case the quality of water is more, you have to hire the specialists.

· Invest in a Good Vacuum Cleaner

For home carpet cleaning, you can buy a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. This kind of vacuum cleaner is able to collect minute particles and keeps your carpet allergen-free.

· Make Home Carpet Cleaner

It is common for the floor covers to become stained over time. So, you can make a stain removal solution at home. Also, the ingredients are available easily at stores.

If there are blood stains on your carpet, then you can simply apply hydrogen peroxide to them. The stain would be gone. On the other hand, you can use dish soap and vinegar for removing chocolate stains. Cosmetic stains can be treated with rubbing alcohol while oil stains can be removed with hot water.

Make sure that you do a patch test before cleaning the entire carpet. Patch test helps in identifying the side effects of the DIY solvent.

· Check the Cleaning Codes

Home carpet cleaning becomes easy when you keep the manufacturer’s instructions in mind. W means wet while S denotes solvent. WS indicates wet and solvent while X denotes vacuum cleaning. Lastly, D means dry cleaning. So, it is important to look at these signs in order to safely clean the carpet.

· Make a Deodorant

Strong odours coming from filthy carpets could be unbearable. But, you can get rid of such smells by preparing a DIY deodorant. Firstly, you can make a mixture of baking soda and borax. You can take these ingredients in equal quantities. Rub the mixture on the carpet and leave for about one hour. The odour will be gone with this hack.

· Use Biodegradable Carpet Cleaning Products

Choose the home carpet cleaner products or chemical cleaning agents carefully. Make it a point to use biodegradable shampoo and detergent because they don’t leave a residue. Non-biodegradable cleaning agents leave some residue on the carpet. The delicate strands of the carpets can’t tolerate the harshness of chemicals. So, be careful with product selection!

· Use Steam to Kill Germs

Steam is a natural and powerful resource that the experts use to clean the carpet. The heat kills the germs without damaging the material of the carpet. Moreover, the spots and odours are eliminated with steam. Also, the steam never over-wet the carpet.  Either you can purchase a steam cleaning device or book the service from a reliable company.

· Don’t Use Too Much Water

Do you use too much water while cleaning the carpet? Whether you are cleaning a flooded carpet or a normal carpet, try to avoid the use of too much water. You could prefer using steam cleaning or dry cleaning because excessive water could lead to the formation of fungus. Also, it is not easy to dry a completely wet carpet.

Wrapping Up

Make wet carpet cleaning Brisbane easy by implementing the tips given above into your routine. Dirty carpets can be bad for your health. But, you can pay attention to a few things and avoid the risks like allergies and infections. If the problems are big, you can always hire experienced cleaners from a recognised company.

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