7 Classic Men’s Hats Styles For Daily Style

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better accessory for men than the hat. Hats are practical and functional fashion accessories that make a statement about your career, intention, and personality faster than any other fashion item. 

They not only offer protection against the sun but are also very stylish. Hats come in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. However, they can be a challenging problem for the most fashionable person. 

The type of hat you choose for your outfit can elevate or mar it. Thus, you must know the hats you can comfortably use daily. If you need help picking hats, here are seven classic men’s hats styles for daily style.

Men’s Hats For Everyday Style

The key to choosing hats for your everyday outfit is knowing which hats go with each outfit. Big hats are made to compliment your face, not keep it hidden. When choosing hats for your ensembles, it’s better to proceed with caution rather than make a hasty choice. Below are some of the best hats you can use daily. 

The Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is so popular that even non-baseball fans love it. The most amazing thing about baseball caps is that they never go out of season. The baseball cap has a long peak to protect you from the sun and a soft-rounded crown.

There are several ways you can style your outfit with a baseball cap. You can go casual and pair it with streetwear or go semi-formal and wear it with jeans and a t-shirt. Some baseball caps have fastenings to resize the hat to fit different heads, while others are designed to fit a specific head size.  

Baseball bats are significant for your everyday style because they protect you from the sun and elevate your casual style. 

The Bucket Hat

This is another famous hat that pairs well with both streetwear and formal clothing. Previously known for being fishermen hats, this classic hat is returning to the fashion scene for street style and beyond. 

The bucket hat has a chin strap and medium-sized brim to protect you from the sun’s rays. The strap functions as a hold to keep the hat firmly on your head. This hat is also soft and packable, making it suitable for traveling. 

You can go formal with your bucket hat and wear it with a blazer and oversized trousers, or spice up your t-shirt and pair of jeans. Whether going to the beach or attending an event with friends, the bucket hat is a must-have.  

The Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap works similarly to the baseball cap but has more style. Although it is similar to the flat cap, the newsboy has some differences. The newsboy has a button in the center and is puffier than the flat cap. 

Men who want to be fashionable but less flashy will love the newsbot. The newsboy’s short brim and oversized crown make it the perfect hat for sun protection. The traditional newsboy is made with wool, while the pricey ones are always made with leather or cashmere.

The Fedora

Fedoras are one of the most famous men’s hats today. Pairing a fedora with a business suit used to be a common occurrence in the business world. However, its usage and appeal have broadened over time. 

One unique quality of the fedora is its versatility as a fashion accessory for men. The fedora is a timeless fashion item with plans to stay in style for a while. 

This classic hat has a two-and-a-half-inch angled brim that turns upwards at the back. Found in any color you want, fedoras are great additions to your formal outfits. If you like going casual with your business outfits, the fedora is the best men’s hat you can buy. 

The Bowler/Derby Hat

The bowler, or derby hat as it is often called, is known for its rounded crown and short brim. This hat originated among the wealthy in the early 19th century. Although it used to be worn by wealthy businessmen, the derby hat is now a standard fashion accessory among the working class. 

The thin brim of the bowler hat makes it great with semi-casual outfits. You can pair it with a leather jacket for a captivating look. Due to the narrow brim of the hat, it won’t offer much protection from the sun. However, it will make you look formal. 

The Beanie

This hat is another great addition to your daily style. Beanies are great for cold weather because they help to keep your head warm. Some come in thin, slouchy materials or thick knitted patterns that can be worn over the head. 

This brimless hat fits snugly on the head and comes in various colors and materials. Ensure that the beanie you choose fits the shape of your head. 

Although beanies are mostly worn casually, they pair well with formal outfits. If you need to go to the office during wintertime and keep your head warm, dress in a nice overcoat and blazer with a black beanie. Play it safe, which means avoiding wacky styles and vibrant colors. 

The Panama Hat

Panama hats are widespread in tropical parts of the world. One misconception about the Panama hat is its origin. Most people assume it’s from Panama because of its name. However, Panama originates from Ecuador. The Panama hat has a medium-sized brim and thick straw weave, which makes it perfect for sun protection. 

The hat also has a fabric band around the crown, making it suitable for formal wear. Panama is frequently compared with the fedora. However, they are very different. Panamas have a wider brim than the fedora and are made with palm-like leaves. 

One great thing about Panama hats is that they pair well with any outfit. However formal or casual your outfit is, a Panama hat will give it an elegant boost. 


As a man, hats are a necessary fashion accessory to have. No matter your style, hats can transform your everyday outfit into something more eye-catching. 

Remember, there’s a hat for every situation. You just have to find the one that best fits your outfit. Whether you’re making a fashion statement, seeking protection from the sun, or having a bad hair day, don’t hesitate to choose a cap for your circumstance. 

For those still needing clarification about the type of hat to wear for everyday style, check out the hats in this article to guide you. 

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