How to Stand Out Your Custom Bakery Packaging?

How to Stand Out Your Custom Bakery Packaging?

CPlenty of bakeries are selling high-quality cakes, pies, and cookies with the same ingredients. Each bakery brand is in the quest to stand its fellow competitors. The presentation of the products matters more than the product itself. You can distinguish your bakery products with the best quality packaging. You don’t need to go anywhere. choose us for customized bakery boxes packaging. Our manufacturing team has experienced staff who deliver top-quality services following your requirements. Stay with us. We will let you know about the importance of custom bakery boxes and how they can greatly help your bakery brand grow.

Use Box with Inserts for Extra Protection of the Bakery Items

Due to moisture and travelling shocks, bakery products like cakes, pies, macarons, and doughnuts are vulnerable to stale and soggy. You can choose an appropriate box style. We customize boxes whatever the box designs our customers demand. The primary aim of the box is to give befitting packaging to the products and provide shelter against moisture, heat, and contaminants. Gable is one of the most unique and optimal box styles due to its specific look. It is easy to carry and secures inside items effectively. However, you can choose sleeve box packaging or tuck the front box with inserts. Dividers in the box will keep things unharmed and intact. We suggest durable cardboard and kraft inserts.

Bakery Box Packaging with Food Grade and Eco-Friendly Material

Today, customers have become more mindful when it comes to the packaging of food products. We at iCustomBoxes make use of premium quality material. as for as the packaging of food and bakery products is concerned, our manufacturers make sure it is safe for human health and the environment. Mostly, we suggest kraft paper and cardboard for bakery products packaging. Both of these stock options are durable, food-grade, and biodegradable. If you have to make box packaging more eye-catchy and attractive, you can go for cardboard. It is accustomed to printing and easy to mould into different forms.

Embellish the Custom Bakery Boxes with a Plethora of Additional Options

No one of you can deny the importance of the coatings, embellishments and add-ons in custom bakery boxes. Either you need bakery items for special occasions or your retail business. Adding laminations and enhancements to the box will strengthen the packaging and make it more sophisticated. There is a wide range of options; you can choose whatever suits your products. These options include:

  • gloss lamination
  • matt lamination
  • embossing
  • debossing
  • spot UV
  • foil stamping

We suggest gloss and matt laminations. They add a very soft and shiny texture to the surface of the wholesale bakery packaging. Matt is a thick covering that is endurable to scratches, smudges, stains, etc. you can choose water-based aqueous as well. It will provide a soft, satin, glossy touch and is immutable to fingerprints and marks. Besides this, you can foil stamp or emboss the logo image to highlight the design and create vivid colours.

Why Choose iCustomBoxes?

Why do you have to choose us? Indeed, it’s very challenging to trust an online company. Most brands have comprehension regarding the box’s quality. Furthermore, they are afraid of higher shipping costs. Leave all your worries. Select us. We prioritize clients’ satisfaction and ensure we deliver what is promised. Whether you order in wholesale or low quantity, you will receive the order on guaranteed time. Besides free shipping, we also offer many facilities for our client’s comfort. These are as follows:

  • secure and order delivery to your doorsteps
  •  no plates and die-cuts fee
  • free quotation
  • free of cost design support
  • 2D and 3D physical samples
  • availability of customer service team 25 hours
  • competitive prices

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