6 Main Things to Consider When Buying Bedroom Furniture

<strong>6 Main Things to Consider When Buying Bedroom Furniture</strong>

The bedroom is the most important room in your home. It’s where you spend the most time, so it’s worth investing in a quality mattress and bed frame that will last for years to come. But once your basic sleeping area is set up (and trust us, we have plenty of guides on that), what other furniture should you be thinking about for your room? Here are some considerations for any modern-day bedroom:

  1. The Essentials
  2. Dressers
  3. Chests of drawers
  4. Nightstands
  5. Wardrobes / Armoires
  6. Optional Furniture Pieces

The Essentials

You’re going to want a bed frame, a mattress and sheets. You may also want to add pillows, blankets and towels.


Dressers are a great way to store clothes and other items. They can be used as nightstands, or as places to store jewelry. They’re available in many different styles and sizes so you can find the dresser that’s right for you. Dressers are made of many different materials including wood, metal, and plastic.

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Chests of drawers

When you’re looking for a chest of drawers, the first thing to consider is its depth. If your dresser is too shallow, it won’t hold as much clothing and linens as you need it to. A good rule of thumb is that the average person’s wardrobe should fit in a piece of bedroom furniture that measures about 60 inches wide and about 18 inches deep.

Next, think about drawer quantity: how many drawers do you need? More drawers mean more storage space, so if there are clothes or linens that you want to keep out of sight (or out of sight while still being within arm’s reach). Make sure there’s enough room in each drawer for everything before making a purchase. You don’t want any clothes hanging over the edge. Finally, check out how wide each drawer is. You’ll want them big enough so they can accommodate your clothes without having them bunch up at the corners.


Nightstands are the perfect place to store your phone and glasses, and they can also serve as a decorative element. If you’re looking for a nightstand, keep these things in mind:

  • Size: Nightstands should be at least as wide as the mattress they sit next to. Smaller nightstands will look awkward and disproportionate against larger mattresses. Plus, it’s nice to have room for your belongings inside.
  • Height: The height of the top surface of your nightstand should be at least 5 inches lower than that of your mattress when it’s fully raised (which means most modern beds). This allows you to easily reach items while lying down without stretching uncomfortably over the edge of what is essentially an armless chair.

Wardrobes / Armoires

A wardrobe is a large piece of furniture that serves as a storage solution for clothing and other items. They are typically larger than armoires, but both can be used to store clothing, shoes, accessories and other personal items like books or family photos.

Optional Furniture Pieces

If you have the space, a console table is a good idea to have. It’s also handy for storing reading material, alarm clocks and other items you use during your sleep time. A tall chest of drawers is another option if you have a lot of clothes and/or prefer to fold them instead of hanging them up in the closet.

A dresser with a mirror attached can be useful if you need to get ready in the morning without having to go into your closet first, or just want more space for your vanity items such as perfume bottles or hairbrushes

Additional Considerations

When shopping for bedroom furniture, consider the size of your bedroom. The scale of your bed and other pieces will impact both how much storage space you need and what style looks best in the room. If you’re tight on space or have a smaller budget, look for pieces that offer compact designs without sacrificing comfort or beauty.

If there are many people using this room, decide who will be using it so that you can choose furniture that fits their needs as well as yours. For example, if one person spends most of their time sleeping while another works from home then additional seating may be needed but it’s not necessarily essential to have a desk for them to use when working at home.


When you are shopping for bedroom furniture, look for pieces that fit your needs as well as the space. You don’t want to buy something too big or too small for your room! If you want something elegant or traditional, consider choosing wood over other materials like plastic or metal.

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