Public Vs. Home EV Chargers – What Must You Know?

Public Vs. Home EV Chargers

Opting for a public EV charger or a home EV charger is one of the toughest choices every electric vehicle owner faces. In the case of gas tanks, people cannot get them installed at their homes and have to head to public facilities. However, electric vehicles can be charged at homes after getting a charging device installed at their place, which gives rise to the dilemma.

Public EV charging stations are not so common. Besides, charging the vehicle require at least half an hour. On the other hand, home EV chargers can be installed at home and used according to the ease of vehicle owners. Exploring the highlights of both can help you decide which one is better for you if you are also torn between the two choices.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn what you must know about public vs. home EV chargers, and then decide your pick.

Top 3 Highlights of Public EV Chargers

Public EV chargers are the ones installed in public places and open for the use of the general public. The electric vehicle owners need to pay the cost of using the station. The cost is often higher as compared to the home EV chargers.

Here are the major highlights of the public EV chargers you must keep in mind before opting for them.

1. Search Difficulty

Search difficulty is the basic highlight of the public EV chargers you must be aware of. Although the popularity of electric vehicles has grown significantly during the last few years, public charging stations are not common yet. Electric vehicle owners often have to go out of their way and spend extensive time searching for the nearest charging station. Many of them consult EV chargers Dubai based installers and get one installed at their home to avoid all that hassle.

2. Long Waiting Times

The next highlight of the public EV chargers is the long waiting times. Electric vehicle charging is nothing like filling up the gas tank, which takes only a few minutes. The charging process can take up to hours, and you will have to wait for your turn to get done with it. You cannot go out during your lunch break to charge your EV. You need to plan this task separately and allow extensive time for it. Following this routine will start feeling like a hassle after a little time.

3. Risk of Battery Damage

The last highlight of public EV chargers is the higher risk of battery damage. While using public chargers, most people opt for rapid charging stations to get done with it in a limited time. Fast charging regularly increases the risk of damage to your battery, which will lose the charging at the same speed. Make sure to opt for level 1 or 2 for charging at public stations and not level 3 to protect the battery life.

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Top 3 Highlights of Home EV Chargers

Home EV chargers are the ones that are installed at the home of electric vehicle owners. You can opt for such a setting to minimize your hassles and charge your vehicle according to your convenience. The owners only need to pay the electricity bills in such an arrangement.

Here are the major highlights of home EV chargers you must be aware of before opting for them.

1. Add Value to Home

The basic highlight of home EV chargers is that it will add value to your home. In other words, it significantly boosts the value and price of the property. Electric vehicles are becoming more common. So, any person interested in the property will get the perk of charging their vehicle at home without any extra hassle. It will also increase the demand for your property. So if you are considering to sale it, getting a home EV charger is a clever trick.

2. Convenient

Another significant highlight of home EV chargers is that they are convenient. You do not need to step out of your home, let alone roam the whole neighborhood to find a charging station. You do not need to plan the charging well in advance to avoid clashes with your schedules. You can easily charge the vehicle at night after returning from work, or you can get it done in the morning before heading to work. You are free to plan and follow your schedule however you want.

3. Higher Savings

The last and most important highlight of the home EV chargers is that they offer higher savings. You will save up on the cost of roaming around to find the station. You will also save time, without having to wait in queues. Moreover, you will be able to protect your battery from potential damage and save on unnecessary expenses. All of this will also boost your overall satisfaction. You can contact EV chargers Dubai based installers to get one installed at your home if you do not have one yet.

Are you interested in getting home EV chargers?

If yes, do not pick any option randomly. Get in touch with professional installation services providers to explore the popular options telecommunication infrastructure and get the best one installed at your place.

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