Outfit With Khakis – Level up Your Look With Different Styles

Making the most of the adaptable item is possible when you know how to style khaki pants in various ways. Discover outfits with khakis and how to incorporate them into different outfit options.

What Are Khakis?

A style of pants known as khakis is made of thick cotton twill and has a flat-front or pleated design. They have long been a staple in both menswear and women’s fashion, distinguishable by their traditional khaki color, a slightly yellow-beige. Depending on the tailoring, khakis can give you a polished, businesslike look or a fun, laid-back vibe. In either case, ensure they are manageable and fit you properly. Otherwise, they might come across as schlubby.

How Do Khakis and Chinos Differ?

Chinos and khakis are simple to mix and match. Both pants have cotton twill and are associated with classic preppy fashion. Even though the two styles of pants resemble one another in appearance and purpose, there are still several differences between them:


Compared to khakis, chinos come in a wider range of colors. Khakis are always a beige color, while chinos can be any color—blue, green, black, or beige.


A pair of khakis typically fit more loosely than a pair of chinos. Chinos frequently have a more fashionable, tapered look.

Style Tips for Khaki Pants

Khakis can be versatile despite being associated with business casual dressing. Here is some fashion advice to help you wear the khaki chino pants with your next look:

Become a Traditional Prepster

The classic golf club uniform calls for khakis, a polo shirt, loafers, and a leather belt (so long as the belt is the same color as the shoes).

Contrasting Colours and Materials

When dressing them up or down, khakis go well with bright colors because they have a neutral color. They are also accommodating when worn with materials of various textures. Think about layering a leather or denim jacket over a textured dress shirt to create multiple looks in one ensemble.

Dress Down Your Pants

By wearing khakis with T-shirts, hoodies, and sneakers, you can make them work with more laid-back ensembles. Alternately, double-roll the pant legs up to make the khakis more casual. (The process is comparable to how to cuff jeans.)

Choose a More Formal Attire

You can make them part of your work attire by tucking a button-down shirt into your khakis and adding a cardigan or blazer to the top.

Try a Single-Color Ensemble

Khaki looks good when matched with other earth tones like olive green or brown. Play around with gradations from head to toe.

Other Tips


If you must attend a casual event, we advise you to pair your chinos with a simple shirt. Your chinos pants look great with a traditional chambray shirt or a linen button-down shirt. Avoid overdoing it with the shades when wearing stripes and other patterns. Match blues with its different shades to stay on topic.


The best and simplest way to create a classic look for men is to wear khaki chino pants and a t-shirt. Choose any hue of chino and pair it with a white, black, or navy t-shirt. To get a look appropriate for summer, pair it with white sneakers.

Bomber Jackets

When the temperature drops, you’ll need a jacket. A casual bomber jacket will go well with your chinos. Wear t-shirts or light knits underneath to keep it casual.


T-shirts, chinos, and blazers are the perfect outfit combination if you need to leave quickly. Although blue blazers and khaki chinos are less common, they still look good. Try to find plain-colored t-shirts; if not, a casual shirt will do. It’s the perfect smart-casual ensemble.


Men’s chinos look best with a trench coat if it’s raining. It looks stylish and can keep the rain and cold away. To stay warm, layer some light knitwear underneath.

Never, ever think that the color khaki could be more enjoyable. Even though we’ve shown you different outfits with khakis, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new colors!

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