Should You Include Your Parent’s Names On Your Wedding Invitations

Should You Include Your Parent’s Names On Your Wedding Invitations

Planning a wedding is filled with a whirlwind of decisions, from picking the venue to selecting flowers for the bouquet. One question couples often struggle with is whether to include their parents’ names on their wedding invitations. This can be an emotional decision, especially if there have been complicated family dynamics in the past. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various factors that go into deciding whether or not to include your parents’ names on your big day and ultimately discuss which option may work best for you and your partner.

Factors That Go into Deciding Whether or Not to include Your Parents’ Names on Your Wedding Invitation

Planning your wedding invitation can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to including or excluding parents from the invitation. There are certain factors that need to be considered, such as:

Parental Roles and Expectations

When creating a save the date for your wedding, there’s obviously a need to decide whose names should be included. This decision is an important one, specifically involving parental roles and expectations. Not only is it a way to honor your family roots, but it can also signify respect and appreciation for your parents’ influence on your life. Ultimately, however you choose to address this aspect of the invitation for wedding should reflect both of those ideas while at the same time matching the overall tone of the invitation.

Wedding Etiquette

When it comes time to create a wedding invitation, there are several etiquette rules that should be followed if desired. One such detail is the decision to include or omit the parents’ names on the invite. Although it may seem like a small thing, this decision requires thought and consideration. When deciding whether or not to add parental names, consider who will be paying for the wedding and make decisions accordingly. Save The Date invitations can also provide an appropriate venue for recording pertinent information about the parents of both parties. Regardless of how you choose to address invitations, it’s important to always maintain respect for all people involved in the excitement of a wedding celebration.

Guest List Considerations

When starting to prepare for your special day and sending out invites, it is important to consider adding your parents’ names to the wedding invitation. This honor should be reserved for the most special of occasions, like a wedding, so including them as part of the celebration can be both meaningful and memorable. Once you ‘save the date,’ send more formal wedding invitations with parents listed appropriately: father’s full name, and mother’s first and last name. Start by looking through any etiquette guidelines that may come with your chosen invitation for further guidance. After all, it should help make sure that your guests feel welcome and included in this beautiful moment.

Name Order on the Wedding Invitation

Deciding how to include your parents on the wedding invitation can be tricky. Generally, it should be read according to the host’s preference and tradition. If both of your parents are contributing financially to the wedding, then you may want to consider them as equal hosts, which can be done by alphabetizing their names or having them listed together. Otherwise, tradition dictates the father of the bride hosts first with his name followed by the mother’s name, and then eventually come the couple’s own names. No matter what order you choose, including your parents’ names is an important gesture and ensures everyone feels honored at your wedding festivities.

Parents’ Reactions to Being Left off the Wedding Invitation

Feeling the rush of wedding excitement can come crashing down when a bride and groom realize that their parents have been left off the guest list – leaving the parents with hurt feelings. In these cases, communication is key if a couple wishes to keep cordial relations with their families after making such an important decision. Taking time to explain why they have decided not to include them in what may appear as a public display of affection and commitment may help to ease tensions and settle any misunderstandings. It takes understanding, love, and respect to bridge gaps between family members in this sort of situation, but it can eventually lead to being able to move forward respectfully without hard feelings on either side.

Consider Your Relationship With Your Parents

Planning the perfect wedding is an exciting task, but knowing how to include your parents’ names on the wedding invitation can be a tricky decision. The relationship with your parents should always be valued, and commemorating them on your special day is a lovely token of respect. Depending on how you usually address them, featuring both their given and surnames as a formal display of filial affection may make all the difference in showing just how special they are to you. Whether you decide to go traditional or modern — taking your relationship into consideration will allow you to tailor the perfect wedding invitation your parents deserve.

What to Do if One or Both Sets of Parents are Deceased

Losing the parents of either you or your partner can be an incredibly painful experience, and this is especially true if it happens in the lead-up to the wedding. But even in a tough situation like this, save-the-date invitations still need to be sent out. Try and put emphasis on the fact that even though one or both sets of parents are deceased, they are still part of their special day, and how much their presence will be missed. You don’t need to go into detail on save-the-date cards, as potential guests should receive formal invitations once all arrangements have been made so that they are aware of anything they may need to plan for. Letting people know extra early gives them time to organize themselves adequately and allows you time to cherish your memories together before the big day.


Parent’s involvement on your wedding day and in the months leading up to it. If they are paying for part or all of the events, you may feel more inclined to include their names. Ultimately, it is your decision whether or not to include your parents’ names on your wedding invitations; however, these are some important factors to keep in mind when making your decision.

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