How Do You Build A Murphy Bed Without Expensive Hardware?

How Do You Build A Murphy Bed Without Expensive Hardware?

Do you want to add a Murphy bed to your home, but don’t have the budget for expensive hardware? Fear not! It’s actually possible to build a Murphy bed without breaking the bank. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to construct a stylish and functional Murphy bed without spending too much on hardware. Read on to learn how to build your own Murphy bed without expensive hardware.

What Is A Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a type of wall-mounted bed that can be easily stored away when not in use, allowing for more space in a room. The bed typically consists of a folding bed frame that is attached to the wall and a mattress. When not in use, the bed frame can be folded up against the wall, leaving the room free for other activities.

Murphy beds are an ideal solution for small apartments or rooms, as they provide sleeping space without taking up valuable floor space. With the right tools and materials, it’s possible to build a Murphy bedwithout expensive hardware.

Why Would You Want To Build One?

A Murphy bed is a great way to add extra sleeping space to any room, without having to permanently sacrifice valuable floor space. With the right tools and materials, you can build your own Murphy bed without having to spend a fortune on expensive hardware. Not only is building your own Murphy bed much cheaper than buying one pre-made, but it also gives you the opportunity to customize it to your own tastes and needs. Plus, you’ll be able to show off your handy workmanship and take pride in having created something unique and useful.

The Basic Components Of A Murphy Bed

A Murphy bed is essentially a space-saving bed that can be folded up and stored away when not in use. It’s named after William L. Murphy, who invented the design in the late 19th century. Building a Murphy bed without expensive hardware is not only possible but also relatively easy to do with the right tools and materials.

The most basic components of a Murphy bed are:

• Bed frame: This is the main structure of your bed, which will be fixed in place to the wall or other structure.

• Bed legs: These are optional, but they help to provide extra support to the bed frame and make it easier to fold up and down.

Tools And Materials Needed

When building a Murphy bed without expensive hardware, the tools and materials needed will vary depending on the design. Generally speaking, you will need:

• Basic carpentry tools (measuring tape, saws, drills, screws, etc.)

• Plywood or other material for the frame and supports

• Metal hardware such as brackets, hinges, and other support pieces

• Paint and other finishing materials

• Wood glue

• Heavy-duty caster wheels

• Mattress and other bedding materials

In addition to these items, it’s a good idea to have some extra plywood and wood glue on hand in case you make a mistake. Having extra materials can save you time and money if something goes wrong. As always, make sure to read all of the instructions that come with any hardware before you begin.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Determine the size of the Murphy bed you would like to build. Measure the available space and decide if you want a twin, full, or queen-sized bed.

2. Gather the materials needed for your project. You will need wood, screws, hinges, glue, paint, and any other items required to complete your project.

3. Cut the wood pieces to fit your measurements. You will need to cut four planks of wood to the desired length and width for the frame, two shorter planks for the side supports, and two longer planks for the head and foot of the bed.


Building a Murphy bed without expensive hardware is a great way to save money while still providing yourself with a comfortable, convenient space-saving solution. With the right tools, materials, and instructions, you can easily create a Murphy bed that will last for years.

Taking the time to understand the process of building a Murphy bed and investing in quality materials will ensure your project is successful. Remember, with patience and a little bit of know-how, you can create a quality murphy bed without expensive hardware!

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