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iPhones are one of the most famous smartphones to date. To support wireless charging, Apple has installed a backglass to iPhones, making them more elegant and attractive. Although, with a beautiful and sleek design comes delicacy and fragility. If you are an iPhone user and you have broken your iPhone backglass by dropping your iPhone accidentally, then you must know how hard it is to repair and replace it. Installing a backglass is a piece of cake, but removing the broken glass is a different story and requires technique, skills, expertise, and tools only authorized phone repair experts have in their stores. Mobile Defender has received many complaints regarding broken backglasses, and they have given a step-by-step guide on how to repair a damaged backglass. Mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough offers various options for replacing the rear housing.

Methods To Remove A Rear Glass

There are many ways to remove a rear glass. A few of them are as follows.

Using a Laser Machine

Super-high-strength glue is used to install back glass to your iPhones, which cannot be removed easily because it is bonded to your iPhone. Using a laser machine might come in handy because it can burn the glue and does not affect the other components of your iPhone. Buying a laser machine is expensive. It is around $2000, much more than buying a brand-new iPhone. Therefore, removing the glue from the phone repair store is suggested. They have all the tools and laser machines in their repair store. You just have to pay a small amount of money for repairs. If you try to do DIY at home, you will end up damaging the other components of your iPhone. Don’t experiment on your gadget unless you are 1000% sure you have the skills to do it. Buy levo pa71 power bank to charge your iPhones fast.

Using the pry and heat tool

Using extreme heat can burn the glue allowing you to remove the back glass but ensure that you have kept the housing stock in place. However, it will be impossible for you to touch it. It is recommended by mobile repair Scarborough to utilize a clamp so you can hold a metal phone holder so that the holder will not move from its place. Using the heat will disperse it evenly on the backglass and remove it, preventing the other components from damaging. The cost of a clamp and metal holder is around $100, which is much more affordable than buying a laser machine. However, you don’t have to purchase them if you get your phone repaired by a professional at a repair store because they will remove it for you at a reasonable cost. 

Repair iPhone Backglass

Below mentioned steps will teach you how to repair your iPhone’s backglass. 

Disassemble your iPhone

If you want to repair the back glass of your iPhone, the first step would be to disassemble the Apple device. Dismantling is extremely significant because if any plastic component is left, the heat can melt, and you have to replace that component resulting in much higher iPhone screen repair expenses. 

Heat the rear glass

When you remove the back glass, Find the right spot for the entrance and heat the back glass so that it can be removed easily. When the heat is spread easily all over the backglass, it becomes easy to remove it. However, the mobile phone repairs, Scarborough advises not to give too much heating to the bottom of your iPhone where microphones are located because they can get damaged. 

Start cleaning the housing.

After removing the broken rear glass, you can start cleaning the housing to remove the glue and small glass pieces. You can use a rubbing alcohol spray and a razor blade to clean it correctly.

Put on the Adhesive

After a thorough cleaning, it is recommended that you use an adhesive on the back cover of your iPhone. The adhesive can be pre-cut or particularly designed adhesive for back covers. Disperse the glue to the back evenly, so the glass adjusts correctly on the back.

Install a backglass

After doing everything, you can install a rear glass. The process of installation is not complex. You can select a back glass cover with a big hole, so you don’t have to adjust the frame. Ensure that there is no gap and that the back glass fits perfectly. After installing the glass, keep something heavy on it, so it sticks. 

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Installing a back glass is not difficult. It just requires you to follow these simple steps given above. You can easily buy back glass at an authorized repair store, but if you don’t have knowledge and skills regarding installing the rear glass, we don’t recommend you do it on your own. Get the back glass installed by a mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough because they offer premium services and have all the right tools and professionals for the job. 

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