Low Taper Fade Curly Hair Styles For Men

Curly Hair Styles

If you have a hairstyle that has a lot of volume, but you would like to fade it out a little, there are some options for you. You can opt for a low taper fade or a high taper fade. These styles are great for any man’s hair.

High taper fade

When it comes to men’s curly hair, you have a lot of choices. You can have a cool faux hawk or try a more conservative cut. However, if you’re looking to get the most from your mane, a high taper fade is the way to go.

The high taper fade is a hairstyle that has to be viewed to be believed. This cut features a high top that blends at the back to create a stylish and sleek finish. It’s a perfect cut for older men who don’t want to fuss with a hairstyle that will take a lot of time to maintain.

This is a good cut for anyone with naturally wavy or curly hair. With the right care, it will last for weeks. Especially if you use the right products, you won’t have to worry about frizz.

Another nice feature of this haircut is the volume it adds to your hair. This is especially true if you have thick hair. Use a styling product to help keep your curls hydrated.

This is a great cut for guys with naturally wavy or curly hair. To get the best results, ask your barber for a product that will help you control your curls. Using a brush or curling iron can also help shape your hair.

Faux hawk

For men with curly hair, the best option is a low taper fade. This is a classic look that allows the top to have the maximum amount of texture. It keeps your hair in place and neat, and also helps to eliminate any excess weight that your curls may have.

Low taper fades are also popular for undercuts. They are a great choice for guys who like to rock retro trends from the past. Using matte clay or a hair wax can help give your style a classy, polished look.

Another type of haircut, a mid-fade faux hawk, is a fun and efficient cut that works for busy guys. In fact, Brad Pitt and David Beckham have both worn the look.

The classic pompadour faux fade was created by barber Charlie Corchado. It is an easy, versatile style that works with a variety of different hair types and styles. You can use a pomade or gel to give your hair a wet look and a smooth finish.

A high fade is another popular haircut style for men. Compared to the low taper fade, the high fade will start higher on the head. This creates the greatest contrast between the hair on top of the head and the hair on the sides.


The curly taper fade haircut is a good choice for boys who like to rock the trends of the past. It has cool curls and waves in the back and neatly tapered sides. With this style you can showcase your ear jewelry or go for a more rugged look.

This look is a good way to take advantage of your natural curls. You can make this style even more interesting by highlighting your kinky curls with a low or high taper. Whether you choose a curly blowout or perm, the results are bound to be fun.

Curls are a blessing. They provide texture and volume. However, they can also be a curse. A curly taper fade hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to make your curly locks easier to manage.

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If you have medium length hair, you’re sure to love this low taper fade hairstyle. This cut is a good choice for the office or a Friday night out.

This cut is particularly good for men with thick or thinning hair. It helps to lighten the heavy stuff by slicing layers into the crown area. Unlike the high fade, this fade doesn’t leave a mop-top at the top of your head.

This fade is a little more subtle than the high or low fade. It works well with shorter or longer hairstyles.

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