Greatest Tommy Kono Weightlifting in the World

One of the greatest weightlifters of all time is Tommy Kono. His dedication to the sport made him a fierce competitor. In his career, he won six world titles and two Olympic gold medals for the United States. A record that earned him the distinction of being one of the two greatest weightlifters of all time.Because of his commitment to perfecting his technique and inspiring others. As someone who pushed himself to incredible lengths inside and outside of competition. Tommy proved a dream could become a reality. When you focus your energy on it. Not only is Tommy remembered for his athletic achievements.Besides inspiring future generations of athletes. He also helped shape the sport of weightlifting. A staunch champion who exemplified courage and dedication to the end. Tommy Kono will always “be remembered as one of the greatest weightlifters in history.

1996 Olympic Games

In 1996, Tommy participated in the Atlanta, Georgia Olympic Games. To become the first male weightlifter to win two consecutive gold medals at the Olympics. Tommy won gold in both the snatch and clean & jerk events. Because of his iconic performance. He cemented his place in weightlifting history. Which earned him a standing ovation from his fellow competitors. There will be new generations of athletes inspired by Tommy Morris’ qualities. Each year at the USA Weightlifting National Championships. The sleeve Tommy Kono Award goes to a male or female lifter. Who exemplifies Tommy’s commitment to excellence? A staunch champion whose legacy will live on forever. Tommy “is remembered by many as an icon of the sport.

2000 Olympic Games

Tommy Kono contributed to the Sydney Olympics of 2000 as well. The success of American weightlifters at the event. Tommy played a significant role as a coaching staff member. During the 48kg women’s lifting competition. He assisted United States lifter, Tara Nott, to win gold.

  • His devotion to weightlifting continued after he died in 2016.
  • He was dedicated to improving his methods and encouraging others throughout his life.
  • Besides his career accomplishments. Around the world, athletes will remember him for his commitment and determination.
  • A true inspiration. Tommy Kono will never “be forgotten.

At 85, Tommy Kono died of chronic congestive heart failure. Aside from his wife and three children. He left behind a legacy as a weightlifting champion. Athletes around the world will continue to learn from Tommy Kono’s legacy of excellence, which was born of Japanese heritage. Tommy’s story served as an inspiration to so many. He showed what it means to stick to your beliefs and fight until the end. Let us all strive to embody that same spirit and honor his memory.

2008 Olympic Games

In 2008, Beijing, China hosted the Olympic Games. The sport of weightlifting was forever changed by Tommy Kono. US athletes still enjoy his mentoring and coaching today. As NBC Sports’ commentator during the event. He offered his knowledge and expertise to viewers at home. Tommy displayed his commitment to excellence. While providing commentary, as he always does.He left a legacy of perfecting techniques and inspiring others through his dedication. Through hard work and striving for excellence Tommy Kono caused death. He showed that success is possible when you put in the effort and work hard. His story is an example to athletes around the globe. Our pursuit of excellence should resemble Tommy’s.

 2014 World Weightlifting Championships

 During the 2014 World Weightlifting Championships, Tommy Kono made his last appearance. Marking the end of his career as an influential athlete. His presence inspired and motivated those around him. His commitment to excellence continued to the very end.Tommy’s impact on the world of weightlifting will never “be forgotten. He has inspired generations of athletes in the sport. It is through his story that. We see that no matter how difficult they try. We must emulate Tommy Kono’s ethnicity and dedication to his career and live our lives in tribute to his memory.

Tommy Kono, how did he die?

It was with great sadness that we learned of the passing of Tommy Kono on April 24, 2016. He was a true champion and one of the most influential athletes in weightlifting history.  The cause of death for Tommy Kono was chronic congestive heart failure a fitting end for such an iconic figure who pushed himself to the limit throughout his career.  His memory will remain with us forever as an example of what it means to commit yourself to something you are passionate about and fight for it until the very end. May we all strive to honor his life by embodying that same spirit in our pursuits?  Rest In Peace, Tommy Kono – gone but never forgotten. 


During his career as a weightlifter and coach. Tommy Kono was a staunch champion. Because of his dedication and passion, generations of athletes “were inspired to follow their dreams. Despite Tommy’s passing, his legacy will live on through those he touched, who will carry on his enthusiasm for the sport. Our pursuits should embody his spirit of excellence to honor his memory. You are an inspiration to us all, Tommy Kono.

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