The reason why the game publisher 37 Interactive Entertainment surpassed miHoYo in 2022

<strong>The reason why the game publisher 37 Interactive Entertainment surpassed miHoYo in 2022</strong>

The reason why the game publisher 37 Interactive Entertainment surpassed miHoYo in 2022

In data ai recently released the revenue list of Chinese game manufacturers and applications in October, which shows that 37 Interactive Entertainment has successfully reached the top. As we all know, 37 Interactive Entertainment’s annual report and Q1 performance report meeting in May this year has just passed half a year ago, and the goal of entering the top three Chinese outbound game manufacturers that was expected at that time seems to have been overfulfilled in October. However, it seems that 37 Interactive Entertainment only took more than a year from the first ten years to the third.

According to data ai, in December 2020, 37 Interactive Entertainment ranked more than 10 in the list. In less than two years, 37 Interactive Entertainment’s overseas revenue scale seems to have opened an “accelerator”. The financial report data shows that the operating income of the company’s overseas business will increase by 104.34% year on year in 2020 and 122.94% year on year in 2021.

As a game manufacturer with a history of nearly ten years, 37 Interactive Entertainment may have changed its overseas layout strategy in recent years due to its rapid growth this year. 2022 is a harvest node of 37 Interactive Entertainment.

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Games Covered in Top 30 Revenue List

37 Interactive Entertainment has many games in the top 30, including Puzzles & Survival, ranking fourth, Ant Legend, ranking 18th, Cloud Song, ranking 23rd, and Trading Legend, ranking 30th.

Puzzles & Survival opened the first breakthrough for 37 Interactive Entertainment in SLG track and European and American markets, and has been launched in South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia and the Middle East in the following two years. This year’s performance is even more brilliant. By the end of October 2022, the water flow of the game in the world has reached 5.6 billion, with the highest monthly water flow exceeding 330 million. Compared with the accumulated water of 4.2 billion yuan as of June, the game still shows a very rapid growth trend.

In addition, Cloud Song, an MMORPG product issued by 37 Interactive Entertainment, entered the top 5 mobile game market in South Korea in February this year, becoming the highest income mobile game in China in South Korea in the first half of this year, and gradually warming up in the Japanese market; The call me big boss, a simulated business product, has received a good response since it was launched in South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other countries, and has been among the best sellers in various regions for a long time; After the self researched card game Doula Continental Soul Master Duel was launched in overseas markets in 2021, it quickly won the best seller list and free list of Apple and Google in many overseas regions; The SLG mobile game Ant Legion, which was newly launched this year, also successfully ranked 11th in the sensor tower’s overseas revenue growth list in May 2022.

At present, 37 Interactive Entertainment has formed a product matrix based on MMORPG, SLG, card and simulation operation in the global market, and has products in different life cycles. In addition, the company’s overseas business still maintained a good growth trend, with nearly 20 products of different categories reserved.

Trading Legend, a rare representative of the simulation management category, should not be ignored. After being launched in Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other markets, the game has also been localized for different markets. And this set of localization methods is still quite effective, Trading Legend in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, etc. is into the top best sellers list upon launch. Meanwhile, the game is available in the Redfinger cloud phone as well. A large number of users are likely to adopt the platform to enjoy playing the game, according to the specific data released by Redfinger. 

There are various games that are not listed, but have audio content. Ant Legion SLG category – launched this year, and the game ranked 11th on SensorTower’s revenue growth list in May. Doula Continental Soul Master Duel – card category – still has a good performance in Asia for more than a year.

Publisher’s Top-notch Development Trend

In fact, the strong momentum of 37 Interactive Entertainment this year can be seen as early as the first half of 2022. In the context of the downturn of the entire game sector, the publisher stood out, with a net profit of 1.695 billion yuan in the past year. In six months, the year-on-year growth rate was 98.56%. Overseas revenue was also 3.033 billion yuan, up 48.33% year on year.

According to public information, 37 Interactive Entertainment has started to layout overseas markets since 2012. However, before 2018, despite the success of self-developed products such as The Tower Of Eternity in some countries, on the whole, it was difficult for 37 Interactive Entertainment to become the first echelon at that time. According to the company’s financial report data, in 2017 and 2018, the scale of the company’s overseas operating revenue was less than 1 billion yuan, accounting for less than 15% of the total revenue.

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In 2018, 37 Interactive Entertainment changed its strategy and began to choose the product distribution mode according to local conditions. While the game is localized, different types of games can be released to different regions according to the characteristics of different markets. At the distribution level, the company also distinguishes between game content and promotional materials.

Following the accumulated experience of issuing in Europe, America, Japan and other countries in 2019, the company started to catch the fast train of overseas revenue growth from 2020. As Puzzles & Survival, Cloud Song, Trading Legend and other games of different categories are gradually deployed to the overseas market, the overseas revenue in 2020 and 2021 will increase by 104.34% and 122.94% year on year respectively.

On the other hand, it has further strengthened its independent R&D capability and upgraded to diversification and globalization. In addition to developing products in the MMO and ARPG categories, publishers began to try other categories, including SLG, three consumer games, cards, simulation business, etc.

The company’s executives said in May this year that the company is currently initially considering the global distribution plan of the game. The Asian market focuses on strengthening MMO and card games, and the European and American markets are expected to make breakthroughs in SLG category in the next two years.

As per the semi-annual report of 2022, 26 games are disclosed, including 8 self-research products, all of which are selected for two-way distribution at home and abroad. Besides, MMORPG, SLG, card, and simulation categories also have a total of 16 new products aiming to release overseas. With its precise overseas development philosophy, the publisher may have considerable growth momentum in the future.

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Next Goal: Maintain the Leading Edge or What?

37 Interactive Entertainment has formed a product matrix in the global market based on MMORPG, SLG, cards and simulation business, and has products in different life cycles. It is worth noting that 37 Interactive Entertainment’s overseas business has still maintained a good growth trend. However, as far as miHoYo, Tencent and other companies that have also been popular overseas in recent years are concerned, it is still a big challenge for publishers to maintain their leading edge in this field.

There are many uncertain factors, such as policies and incomes in various regions. 37 Interactive Entertainment still has a long way to go. However, game publishers still have room for growth. It can be found that it is a steady state of mind rather than an aggressive state of mind for enterprises to go overseas step by step. As many products are ready to be launched, the expansion of 37 Interactive Entertainment overseas business lines in 2023 may usher in a good prospect.

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