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Malaysia is home to expansive spaces of immaculate and ancient rainforests. As such, it has plenty of rich and rare biodiversity. Sheltering endemic species of flora and fauna in numerous wildlife parks and sanctuaries, Malaysia has put in its efforts to conserve and protect wildlife. There are more than 30 national parks. They are also replete with thrilling adventures. You can view mountains and age-old caves inside these places. Hence, Malaysia has become a commendable eco-tourism destination.

You can explore the wild at its best by visiting the top 8 wildlife parks in Malaysia:

  1. Zoo Negara: With over 5137 creatures from 476species of birds, fishes, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians, the National Zoo is Malaysia’s largest zoo. It was inaugurated in 1963. The animals are kept in their natural habitats in large swathes. The most popular is the Giant Panda Conservation Centre. You can bring your children to the Children’s World where they can encounter rabbits, ducks, and parrots. Spot Malaysian Elephants’ white rhinoceros, terrapins, tortoises, and a wide variety of fishes. You can even watch the multi-animal show with macaws and sea lions. For all the fun and a lifetime experience, you can check out and book the Zoo Negara tickets.
  2. KL Tower Mini Zoo: It is a brand new and small petting zoo. Moreover, it is carefully planned to organize family gatherings. You can come close to more than 50 species of native and exotic animals. When you purchase the KL Tower Mini Zoo tickets you get access to interact with, pet, and feed the farm animals and birds. You can explore the eight designated zones consisting of the natural habitats of the specimens. Come across Falabella, the world’s smallest horse species. Spot the sugar gliders, emu, white crows, macaques, iguanas, meerkats, and monkeys. Later you can visit the observation deck for outstanding views from a height of 276 meters.
  3. Bako National Park: Although it is an offbeat destination, you can find it to be magical. Famous for jungle trekking, diversity, proboscis monkeys, and coastline, it is the oldest and smallest national park in Sarawak. Catch a glimpse of other animals like wild boars, bearded pigs, silver leaf monkeys, mud sliders, crabs, and pit vipers. You can even come here for the uneven rock formations, jungle streams, rainforests, tropical plants, waterfalls, and inhabited beaches. Hike to a beach or take the 5-km loop trail. Moreover, you can delight in extensive wildlife and birdwatching. You can stay overnight, take a boat ride to reach the place, and hire a guide.
  4. Lok Kawi Wildlife Park: One of the most well-run parks in Malaysia, it is quite popular among tourists. It aims to be a family park, with Children’s Zoo being more stressed. The zoological and botanical divisions give the visitors much thrill and excitement. You can see several animals like Malayan Tiger, Proboscis Monkey, deer, orangutan, Sumatran Rhinoceros, and Borneo Pygmy Elephants. Moreover, you can go jungle trekking, and walk through nature’s trails. Stroll in the herbal and ginger garden, and spot rare plants like the pitcher plant. You can also spot different birds like pigeons, eagles, hornbills, and parrots in the aviary section. Children can take a fun elephant ride.
  5. Sunway Wildlife Park: It is a zoo inside a theme park, and offers interactive and educational experiences. Moreover, it acts as a preservation center for endangered species such as the rare majestic blonde felines, and blue-eyed white tigers. You can encounter more than 150 species of animals from all over the world. Come across the unique animal village. With the trained rangers you can take the informative wildlife tour. You can watch animal shows in the Wildlife Theatre. Moreover, you can admire the character’s appearances and the parade by the animals. You can indulge in petting and feeding the animals. Take the jungle trail or learn about conservation in this zoo.
  6. Taman Alam Kuala Selangor: Located by the mouth of the Selangor River, it is a significant nature park in Malaysia. You can take any of the four serene trails inside the park. Spot herons, storks, and egrets in the Brackish Lake System. Inside the Secondary Forest, you can encounter macaques and silver leaf monkeys. You can find informative signs about the flora and fauna of the place. Take the mangrove broad walk, and look minutely for the mud skippers, crabs, and mud creepers on the muddy swamps. Out of the three watch towers, only one is functional. You can climb it for some panoramic views of the surroundings.
  7. Matang Wildlife Centre: On the western corner of the Kubah National Park, you will find this wildlife zone. It is a clean and refreshing place where you will appreciate the scenery. Here, native Bornean species like orangutans and sun bears are rehabilitated and then released into the forest. It is more of a dedicated center than a zoo. You can also enjoy rock pools, three scenic waterfalls, camping sites, picnic spots, and enthralling nature trails. From the viewing area, you can spot semi-wild animals in their enclosures. You can also wish to be a part of eco-tourism projects. Besides, you can trek and visit the cultural village.
  8. Krau Wildlife Reserve: It is the biggest wildlife reserve in the country, and is a conservation area. Again, it is one of the last pristine and remaining lowland tropical rainforests in peninsular Malaysia. It is also the oldest conservation area in Malaysia. You can observe its efforts in protecting wildlife, like large groups of gaurs. There are learning and breeding centers within the reserve. You can take a short birding or herping trip. Be amused by the rich biodiversity on the island of the virgin rainforest. Look for the three small river systems inside the Krau.


Thus, you can observe various ecosystems and the charm of wildlife in the various wildlife parks in Malaysia. However, you should plan your visit after getting approvals and buying entry tickets. Exploring the raw beauty will be a learning experience. Take along your children for a first-hand experience of wildlife.

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