What is Certification Exams?

Certification Exams

Taking certification exams is a must for a considerable number of people looking to advance their careers. But there are so many certificates on the market, which one should you take? In foreign countries, each additional certification will bring a salary increase. Although the domestic salary level is not as high as that of foreign countries, it is also very impressive compared with other domestic industries. Therefore, if you can reasonably plan the study and examination of the certification certificate, you can not only learn a comprehensive and systematic knowledge, but also easily find a working environment suitable for your own strengths.

The first step is to win the CCNA and start a comprehensive network contact

Preparing for Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Support Engineer) certification exam is expected to take 6-12 months. Although there is only one course in the exam content, however, compared to Microsoft’s courses, it has some depth, and it is not easy to find an experimental environment. It is generally recommended to use the software that simulates the router to perform a simulation test on the computer first. If you have a chance at work, you can learn more about the specific operations of Cisco routers. If you are not sure, you can participate in some trainings with a better laboratory environment, read more English materials, and communicate more on relevant forums, these will help you prepare for the certification exam.

Step 2: Get CCNP to become a senior network expert

The next thing to consider is Cisco’s CCNP (Cisco Certified Senior Network Support Engineer) exam. The preparation time is 12 to 24 months, and practical work experience is required. There are many exam subjects that CCNP needs to pass, and the difficulty has also increased a lot. You need to study carefully and experiment carefully. Although we don’t recommend memorizing the test method, it is helpful to read some test questions before the exam. If you urgently need to obtain this certificate to choose a more challenging position, you may wish to carry out each experiment in detail after obtaining the certificate and have a new working environment to enrich and consolidate your knowledge and skills. Of course, if you don’t have any CCNA work experience at all, even relying on memorizing exam questions and finding someone to take the exam for you to get the CCNP certificate won’t be of much use to you. Because you are simply not up to the job of CCNP.

The third step is to sprint the future of CCIE without worrying about it

What you need to sprint below is the highest certification in the networking industry, Cisco’s CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert). Looking back, you will find that 3 to 5 years have passed, and the ups and downs of certification are worth recalling, but the improvement of personal skills brings you more fun in the learning process. Because the content of this certification exam involves AS/400, Unix, Windows NT, etc. It is of great help to the synthesis and balance of knowledge. With the changes of the working environment, I believe that Sun’s operating system will also be exposed to a lot. With the increasing familiarity with the above systems, if time and energy permit, you can also consider Sun’s CSA and CNA certification. If you have enough time and energy, getting the AS/400 related certification of Unix and IBM together will play a certain auxiliary role in your work. The CCIE certificate is considered the top passport in the global networking industry, and Cisco recently made the exam harder to limit the number of CCIEs. If your goal is to devote yourself to the network technology industry, then work hard without any regrets!


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