5 Ways To Get Reliable VIN Check Result For Ford

The dashboard, driver’s side door, and registration certificate all display the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis Number. Every car and light truck produced after 1981 has a distinct 17-character VIN that can be used to acquire valuable data about the vehicle’s history.

Vehicle identification number or VIN refers to a specific number given to a car during its making.  They are used to identify every vehicle in a special way. Car identification numbers are noted in collision reports, insurance files, and when a body shop, dealership, or mechanic does work on a vehicle.

The most secure method of determining a car’s real identity and determining if a secondhand car is suspect or not is to check the vehicle identification number. These numbers are stored in databases that are kept by car manufacturers and organizations responsible for vehicle registration, allowing them to accurately identify and confirm a car by entering its number.

Many companies provide VIN number check services if you’re buying secondhand. There must be a problem with that car if it starts to exhibit abnormalities. If the car is not having a visible VIN, someone is obviously trying to hide anything, therefore you should probably look for another vehicle and stay away from any sketchy dealings.

In addition to identifying components and safety, the VIN has been used to deter theft and retrieve stolen automobiles. The VIN can be used to locate a stolen vehicle because it is obvious that you are the owner when the VIN on your title, insurance, or registration card matches the number on your vehicle.

  1. VinPit – provides a wealth of information for VIN checks
  2. CarVertical – produce a model for VIN lookup based on the blockchain method
  3. BMW-VIN –  learn important information about the used car you just bought
  4. Cebia – a trustworthy app to check VIN numbers, particularly for used cars
  5. Bumper – is accurate in its information about the history of car damage


The best online tool, VinPit, provides a wealth of information for VIN checks, VIN decoding, license plate searches, and car history reports. They contain details about the owner, the manufacturing facility, the validity of the VIN, safety recalls prior registrations, and more. 

Additionally, the thorough report from VinPit contains information on mishaps, repairs, unreported damages, conditions, and criminal histories. VinPit can also transmit reliable data to vehicle dealers to draw in new clients. 

Buyers can also check for hidden problems and are informed if there is fraud. Finally, by allowing car inspection and presenting the most recent market value, this website benefits both the vendor and the buyer. 

This VIN decoder is open-source and has thousands of VIN records. This VIN check platform will deliver accurate information to you without charging you a single cent, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle.

With an active internet connection, any browser can visit the website because it is properly suited for them. The entire website is mobile-friendly. It denotes that it is a portable solution.

Additionally, it includes thorough information about the manufacturing facility, maintenance, VIN validity, administration, undisclosed damages, and criminal histories. Your finest option for making a wise purchase or sale decision is this website.


  • A VIN check can provide information about the car’s service history, recall history, and any other concerns about ownership.
  • By checking the VIN, it is simple to find out if the car has ever been in an accident or is a rebuilt salvage.
  • Analyze the captured pictures
  • Recent searches can be shown on the website, which is updated frequently.
  • A search option for license plates is also available.


  • The website has a number of premium paid reports offered with an in-depth review.

Use VinPit as a lookup tool


The next company to produce a model for VIN lookup based on the blockchain method for the vehicle report is CarVertical.  this VIN decoder also gathers data from a number of other international databases. 

The multiple databases included but weren’t limited to, fire brigade records, insurance & databases, national and private registers, and car auctions, among others. Updated, tamper-proof fundamental information about vehicle specifications is provided by carVertical’s advanced feature. 

This is made possible by a blockchain feature that authenticates reports of VIN numbers and checks the information presented.


  • Car Specifications
  • Estimated cost 
  • Equipment information 
  • Defects and fixes
  • Safety Rating 
  • Fuel Consumption


  • Limited to a few countries only

CarVertical as a lookup tool



Another top-tier VIN checker website that offers countless benefits to BMW users is the BMW VIN decoder. BMW’s VIN number contains important details about the car, such as the model, manufacturer, and year of manufacturing. In order to confirm that the vehicle was not harmed, stolen, or illegally modified, the VIN number must be entered on their page. 

There are many factors to take into account while figuring out a BMW VIN number. Using this BMW VIN lookup service, you can learn important information about the used car you just bought. You will be informed about the car’s market value, fuel efficiency, any damage, warranty information, equipment specifications, and so forth.


  • In order to get auto insurance, the device is helpful.
  • It’s not necessary to manually update the automobile inventory when applying for insurance.
  • Maintain an accurate service log and place precise spares orders.


  • Utilizing the website may be difficult for some people.



Cebia is a trustworthy app to check VIN numbers, particularly for used cars. Using the Autotrader system operates by scanning the car for illegal activities and providing information on the standard car model. 

When it comes to car suppliers, retailers, importers, warranty companies, insurance companies, and leasing companies, Cebia works with dependable partners. One of the greatest places to look for VIN search data reports on vehicles from the Czech Republic and Slovakia is Cebia.


  • It also shows unreported damage, so you can see the actual state.
  • View images from the previous user to get the whole picture.


  • The majority of the supplied information originates from the regional auto market in Cebia restricted to the aforementioned states.

Use Cebia as a lookup tool


You may verify the features of vehicles with the VIN using Bumper, the greatest free VIN decoder on Reddit. It is accurate in its information about the history of car damage. Additionally, it gathers information from businesses including scrap yards, salvage auctions, insurance firms, and towing organizations.


  • Sales Records
  • Checklist 
  • Ownership Cost Inspection
  • Present Warranties
  • Label Records


  • Limited to a few countries only

Bumper as a VIN checkup tool


If someone wants to purchase a used car, they must use a VIN decoder to run the identification process. You won’t have to purchase defaulted or previously stolen autos as a result. The VinPit decoder has several benefits that will describe the vehicle’s history or other important details like the year of manufacture, the vehicle’s model and body type, engine specifications, and other papers that can only be readily done using VinPit.

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