Why You Should Use a Dry Herb Vaporisers Instead of Other Vapes

dry herb vape

Have you ever heard of dry herb vaporisers? As famous as vaping has become, very few people know of dry herb vaporisers. Now that you’ve found this article, your life is about to change. Unlike other vapes, using a dry herb vape is not unhealthy and can benefit you.

Experiment With Different Herbs

In a dry herb vaporiser, you can add any herb of your choice: lavender, sage, or peppermint. There are lavender and peppermint soaps that are part of relaxing night routines. But now you don’t need to do that much work. Put these herbs in your vaporiser, and you have relaxation on the go. You can also try out different combinations until you find your favourite one.

Steer Clear of Nicotine

Most vapes, flavoured or not, have nicotine in them. But if you’re not a smoker or addicted to nicotine, wanting to vape can become a challenge. And let’s admit it; sometimes it’s a little excluding if all your friends are smoking, but you’re not one to risk your lungs like that. With a dry herb vape device, you can accompany your friends when they take a smoke break without compromising your health.

Don’t Risk an Addiction

Since most vapes have nicotine, they are addictive too. But without nicotine, there is nothing to get addicted to! You can’t get addicted to herbs like passionflower or eucalyptus. So when you feel like you want to stop vaping, you can! If you can’t carry your vape while travelling, you won’t have to face any withdrawals!

Enjoy the Benefits of Natural Herbs

And while there aren’t any negatives of dry herb vaporisers, there are, in fact, some positives! You can benefit from inhaling certain herbs. Some herbs can help you unwind, while others can refresh and re-energise you. Other times, you can use them as a breath freshener. Here’s a disclaimer, though: everything in moderation. Don’t go overboard. But of course, that’s valid advice for anything.

Can You Smoke Tobacco in a Dry Herb Vaporiser?

Yes. You can also smoke tobacco in a dry herb vaporiser and other herbs. So why choose it over other tobacco vapes? For the taste, of course! You might be able to buy flavoured vapes, but these are usually e-liquids packed with nicotine. If they leak into your mouth as you vape, they could have dangerous side effects. To add flavour to a dry herb vaporiser, you must add another herb with a pungent smell or taste. Some lavender or peppermint might do the trick. You get the leisure of nicotine but none of the smell or taste.

If you’re a smoker trying to quit, a dry herb vape device can be the way to go. Start by mixing your tobacco with another herb. Slowly start reducing the quantity of your tobacco.

Many smokers complain that it is often the act of smoking they enjoy. Well, then, a dry herb vaporiser is the perfect solution! Why smoke the bad herbs when you can smoke healthier ones?

Things to Consider Before Buying One

It would help if you did your research. Each kind of herb burns safely at different temperatures. You need to check whether your vape is compatible with a herb and vice versa. There are different types of vapes, and your choice could depend on battery life, capacity, or even general appearance. And finally, this is not a one-time purchase. You might need some cleaning and maintenance accessories to maintain dry herb vaporisers.

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