Which Brazilian Bank is on the Nasdaq Exchange?

Brazilian Bank

Inter, previously known as Banco Inter, is now one more in the list of Brazilian banks included at Nasdaq Exchange. Inter has been formally listed with the symbol INTR in 2022, after the list of his rival Nubank.

In this long article, we are talking about the Brazilian banks that trade at Nasdaq Exchange at the moment and describe some details about every bank.


Banco Bradesco is the second largest private bank in Brazil with Itaú Unibanco. It Has an expressive number of 15% in the total of deposits, and is the largest insurance provider in Brazil, with around 20% to 25% market share.

The majority of the bank is controlled by Bradesco, a non-profit private institution with focus on education. The bank provides 70% for profits, while the insurance segment will contribute with the remaining. The bank is also a major asset manager. Are listed in the Nasdaq Exchange. 


PagSeguro Digital Ltd is a brazilian based company with the purpose to act in initiatives of technology and is now one of the most complete digital banks in Brazil, having now more than 5 million of customers.

Provides a large list of solutions and tools, like cash-in and cash-out options for everybody who wants access to capital. It delivers an end-to-end ecosystem to address every day, financial spending funds and the user can manage growing business. Once they have an account, users can make payments without fees and have debit and credit cards without costs.

PagSeguro is one of the digital banks of Brazil including at Nasdaq Exchange.


Stone is focused to provide financial technologies and is integrated with partners, specially in e-commerce.

If you choose for Stone Business Model combined with advanced mode, cloud-based technology platforms and integrated distribution in the good quality provided, Stone is appropriated for customer services. Are now open to trade at Nasdaq Exchange, list of finance institutions.


Nubank has become a digital bank with more presence than the traditional Bank of America. Now the “Roxinho” are opened to operations in Nasdaq Exchange and probably, during the next years will be more knowed.

Founded in 2013 by a group of entrepreneurs in São Paulo, Brazil, Nubank has increased so fast its numbers and now has more than 50 million. Before the success generated in Brazil, now digital banks are present in Mexico and Colombia too.

Has now over US$ 40 billion to still invest and get better the services for this digital bank, to the actual customers and future new clients. Many billionaires supported and bought stocks of Nubank, including Warren Buffet.

At the moment, Nubank dont have the intention to explore more areas. Now, this digital bank has clients in Central and South America. The invention of Nubank happened when David Véles and a group of other entrepreneurs had an idea to finish the services of finances with higher fees.

Nubank is just one more digital bank in the world offering a digital account without fees, debit and credit card and now, loans and the customers can invest too in the same app.

One of the slogans of Nubank is “the customer manages their money”, without needing to go every time to the bank just to cancel or start another investment. Unfortunately, Nubank had some problems with the IPO and many dudes surgered about the company, but now your CEO David Vélez said everything is ok and the brand is working to beat issues.

Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil SA are present in the Nasdaq Exchange with the ticket BB Brazil. Offer financial services in several countries, majoritary in Brazil, when this finance company is the oldest in the history.

The business segment includes banking, investments, funds management, insurance pension fund and capitalization, payment methods and many other segments. Are now 50% private and the other 50% is a partner of the Governo Federal of Brazil.

Serves retail clients, including small and midsize enterprises or individuals. Attends corporations and public institutions.

Has now subsidiaries in these countries: Argentina, Dubai, United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, United States of America, France, China, Japan and other locations.

Banco Inter

Banco Inter has migrated the shares from Brazil´s B3 Stock Exchange to Nasdaq Exchange. Now at the Brazilian exchange, it is just possible to buy BDRs. To buy these BDRs in Brazil, search for the ticket INBR31.

This process started in December of 2021, when Banco Inter decided to move its plans to Nasdaq in January of 2022.

However to make a plan, the bank started a process or reorganization in his societary stocks, which this process was approved in may of 2022.

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